This Week in Neo4j – Flight Search Application, Graph Data Science Library Preview, Neo4j 4.0 Treasure Map

Hi graph gang,

In this week’s video Vlasta Kůs and Golven Leroy’s show us how to do social media monitoring using Neo4j and NLP techniques.

We have the preview release of the Graph Data Science Library, a Neo4j 4.0 Treasure Map, and a flight search application

And finally, I show how to enrich a Neo4j graph with data from Wikidata’s SPARQL API.


Mark, Karin, and the Developer Relations team

This week’s featured Neo4j Community member is Elena Williams

Elena Williams - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Elena Williams – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Elena is a Python developer, an elected member of the Django Software Foundation, and a recent Neo4j Certified Developer, all wrapped up with a passion for community building. She’s an avid speaker and has great interest in empowering women in technology. Elena is based in Canberra, Australia.

Elena became a graph-addict after her natural thirst for knowledge caused her to stumble across a ‘random talk online’ (Graph Databases will Change your Freaking Life).

Since then, as she’s stated in her intro on the Neo4j community site, she’s been “keen as beans to start being an advocate for it [graphs] in my local communities and intend to give some talks about my experiences so far in the next few months/years.”

And she’s already begun – Elena already arranged an event for Global Graph Celebration Day 2020 with her local Python user group.

Elena, we’re so grateful for your passion and contributions and will to support you every way we can to help you be more successful at everything you do! Thanks for being part of our community & giving back!

NODES 2019: Social media monitoring with ML-powered Knowledge Graph

In this week’s video from the NODES 2019 conference, Vlasta Kůs and Golven Leroy show us how to do social media monitoring using Neo4j and NLP techniques.

After showing how to import data into Neo4j from social platforms using unofficial APIs, they explain how to updated a graph with features extracted using GraphAware’s NLP tools. And once they’ve done that they show how to write Cypher queries against the enriched graph.

Neo4j Treasure Map — Where to find all of the 4.0 resources you need

It’s been hard to keep track of all the content generated covering the features in the 4.0 release of Neo4j.

Lucky for us, Jennifer Reif comes to the rescue with a blog post that curates all the content. So whether it’s multi database, security features, reactive drivers, or Neo4j Fabric that you’re interested in, Jennifer’s got you covered.

Arrows Hacks, 3.5 to 4.0 Upgrade Guide, GDS Preview

Flights Search Application with Neo4j —Using Cypher queries and APOC Custom Procedures (Part 2)

Vlad Batushkov published the 2nd post in his series on building a Neo4j backed flight search application.

In this post we learn how to create an APOC custom procedure to query for Flights, taking into account as many real-life travel requirements as possible. We also learn how to configure procedure and index scripts inside a Docker Image using Cypher Shell.

Enriching an existing graph by querying the Wikidata SPARQL API

I wrote a blog post showing how to enrich the Australian Open Neo4j graph with data queried from the Wikidata SPARQL API.

We then write queries to find out which finalists each country had and the lowest average age of the finalists.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Eva Delier: