This Week in Neo4j – GraphConnect 2020 Registration Now Open, Data Discovery at Lyft, Finding Motifs in Cypher for Fun and Profit

This week Greta Workman interviewed Mark Grover about Data Discovery at Lyft and we opened registration for the GraphConnect 2020 conference.

We also learn about a tool for keeping track of applications in a micro services architecture, and Max De Marzi shows how to use motifs to solve link prediction problems.

Our featured community members this week is Mark Grover, Product Manager at Lyft. He’s a former software engineer at Cloudera, Qualcomm, and more.

Mark Grover - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Mark Grover – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Mark impressed us with his desire to share his knowledge and experience to the world through being a committer and contributor to many open source projects in the big data space, writing a Hadoop Application Architectures book published by O’Reilly and more.

We hope you have a chance to watch his latest video (below) about the Amundsen project which he founded. Amundsen is an open source data discovery application that seeks to improve productivity for practitioners interacting with data. And, of course, it’s powered by graphs and Neo4j!

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for your work Mark!

Live from Lyft HQ: How Lyft Drives Data Discovery

We didn’t have a Neo4j Online Meetup this week, but our colleague Greta Workman interviewed Mark Grover about Data Discovery at Lyft.

Mark describes the problems that data scientists had finding answers about internal data systems, explains how the Amundsen Project was built to address those problems, and outlines parts of the project’s roadmap.

GraphConnect 2020 Registration Now Open

Registration for GraphConnect 2020, which will be in New York from April 20-22, is now open.

This will be the first 3 day version of the conference, and will feature a training day followed by 2 full days of talks from speakers from around the world presenting on their usage of Neo4j. There will be a mix of talks for those just getting started, as well as more in depth sessions for expert graph technologists.

The Early Bird Price is available until September 1st 2019, so if you’re planning to come, now would be a good time to book your ticket. We hope to see you there!

More info in the blog post.

Software Parade; the fun way to create an overview of hundreds of applications in Neo4J

Kristel Nieuwenhuys and Ronald Willems were interviewed on the TechLab podcast about Software Parade, a Neo4j based tool they built to keep track of the applications in their micro services architecture.

Finding Motifs in Cypher for Fun and Profit

In Max De Marzi‘s latest blog post he shows how to solve a link prediction problem using a machine learning classifier trained with features based on Higher Order Motifs.

Neo4j & SSIS, Arcade Analytics, Neo4j Client for Clojure

    • Chris Skardon has written announced the beta launch of a Neo4j integration with Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
    • Claus Engel-Christensen wrote a blog post about neo4clj, a Neo4j Client for Clojure. Claus explains the limitations of existing Clojure drivers and provides a step by step example showing how to use neo4jclj.
    • I came across Arcade Analytics, an open source graph analytics platform. It looks like it could be a fun project to play with this week.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Joe Depeau:

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That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Mark