This Week in Neo4j – GraphConnect 2022

We are very excited to announce that GraphConnect will be back this year in June! Currently we have opened the Call for Papers and encourage you all to submit – no matter what graph topic is currently top of your mind, we want to hear from you!

Are you a Neo4j expert who wants to do more with graphs? Have you recently completed our Neo4j Certification and are now ready to tell the world how much fun it is to work with graphs? Have a look at our various open positions from Engineering to Marketing and Sales – we have open positions around the globe. We are looking forward to seeing you join our graph!

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P.S. We are continuing our 2021 Neo4j Developer Survey. Please take a few minutes and fill it out! We will raffle away a few Neo4j goodie bags among all participants!

This week’s featured community member is Maxime Guery.

Maxime Guery - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Maxime Guery – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Maxime (a.k.a Cobra) is an amazing, positive influence in the Neo4j community. His experiences and interests are in AI and data science, applied professionally through his role at Data Nostra. Naturally curious, thoughtful, and helpful, he is always learning and helping others learn.

If you’ve met him, you know what we mean. If you haven’t yet, your social graph will be enriched after connecting with him.

Call for Papers: GraphConnect 2022


GraphConnect will be back this year: June 6-8, 2022 in Austin! We are very much looking forward to finally meeting the global graph community live again and are looking for speakers! There are plenty of topics for you to choose from. So no matter what excites you about graphs right now or whether you are THE leading expert on the matter, please submit your proposal to us. The CfP closes on March 25, and we will announce the sessions in April.

Neo4j Driver for JavaScript


Frederic Ciminera shows an in-depth example of how to use the Neo4j JavaScript Driver on Sandbox.

Neo4j Live: A Music Knowledge Graph with GraphAware


It all started with a tweet… The 30 Day Song Challenge. Post a song with some given properties for 31 days. Michael Simons, Java Champion at Neo4j, reached out to our friends at GraphAware and they took their data and put it into a Knowledge Graph in Hume. Watch the video to see how they created and extended it, and more – including the GraphQL API.

Creating a Clinical Knowledge Graph with Spark NLP & Neo4j


Emre Varol created a clinical knowledge graph using Spark NLP and Neo4j. In his article, he explains how you can create a knowledge graph using the relation extraction model with Spark NLP. It offers a great foundation on how to start yourself and play with Spark NLP to create knowledge graphs.

Monitoring the Cryptocurrency Space with NLP and Knowledge Graphs


Tomaz Bratanic dives into the fun world of crypto one more time this week and ventures out to monitor and analyze articles revolving around cryptocurrency. There are plenty of ways to segment them – by company, competitors, or even try to predict future events like acquisitions. In combination with the extracted data of machine learning models, you can even start to predict crypto trends.

Tweet of the Week

My favorite tweet this week was by Dilane Kombou:

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