This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL Release and Much More

This week marks the version 3.0.0 release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library, which represents a major milestone in the evolution of the GraphQL integration for Neo4j. Since GraphQL was open sourced in 2015, we’ve always felt that a native graph database is the perfect backend for building GraphQL APIs, and the latest release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library enables developers to leverage graph data throughout their stack.

It’s been amazing to see what the community has been building with Neo4j and GraphQL over the last few years. The feedback and community contributions to the open source Neo4j GraphQL Library have helped us achieve the goal of making it as easy as possible to build GraphQL APIs backed by Neo4j.

In this week’s issue, we’d like to highlight some of the great work the Neo4j community has been doing around Neo4j and GraphQL. Thanks for being a part of the Neo4j community!

William Lyon

Louis teaches a top-rated GraphDB Foundations with Cypher course on Udemy. He is the founder of, a learning platform to level up software developer skills in graph algorithms. His prior experience includes being a university computer science tutor, ThoughtWorks consultant, Ruby on Rails contractor, growth hacker, and startup founder. Kudos to Louis for his course!

NEW RELEASE: Neo4j GraphQL Library 3.0.0
Darrell Warde wrote up a great blog post announcing the release and walks us through the new features we can now take advantage of when building GraphQL APIs with Neo4j. Much of this release focuses on improving working with relationships in GraphQL, which we all know is important to get right!

Neo4j & Neo4j Aura support Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, and .NET. David Allen walks you through best practices for using Neo4j drivers in your application. Examples are written in Python but the basic practices can be applied to all languages.

NEW EPISODE: Quarkus Insights #80: Neo4j with Quarkus

Michael Simons joins Max Andersen and Erin Schnabel on Quarkus Insights to discuss the Neo4j Quarkus extension including the extension model and its creation.

SPRING BOOT: Tailor-Made Neo4j Connectivity
Michael Simons dives into the two ways to integrate Neo4j Java Driver and Spring Boot 2.4+. You can either go to and add “Neo4j” as a dependency, which will give you the driver plus Spring Data Neo4j, or you can add the driver dependency manually.

TOOLBELT TRIFECTA: Connecting to Neo4j with Java and AWS Lambda
Jennifer Reif prefers to reuse code and keep things as simple as possible. In her blog, she demonstrates how to connect to a Neo4j graph database and execute queries to retrieve data from the database. She dives into the setup, the deployment to AWS, and the function execution.

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