This Week in Neo4j – Hidden Markov Model, SQL Server to Neo4j, Fraud Detection with Graphs

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In this week’s video, Rik Van Bruggen and Marius Hartmann explain how to do fraud detection with graphs.

Zuye Zheng analyses r/WallStreetBets, Hadi Fadlallah migrates data from SQL Server to Neo4j, and Greg King explains some of the features of the Monaco editor introduced in Neo4j Browser.

And finally, Shyam Pratap Singh shows how to apply Hidden Markov Models to Part of Speech tagging on graphs.

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This week’s featured community member is Michael Moore.

Michael Moore - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Michael Moore – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Michael is an Executive Director in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. He helps EY clients deploy large-scale knowledge graphs using cutting-edge technologies, real-time architectures and advanced analytics.

Michael is a long time member of the Neo4j community and has spoken at multiple GraphConnect and GraphTour events. His talks include Knowledge Graphs: The Path to Enterprise, Your Roadmap for an Enterprise Graph Strategy, and Transforming the Enterprise AI at Scale with Neo4j.

A couple of weeks ago he spoke at the Neo4j and the Cloud Connections event, where he shared his predictions for the future of graph databases.

Fraud Detection with Graphs at Danish Business Authority

Our video this week is a webinar featuring Neo4j’s Rik Van Bruggen and Marius Hartmann from the Danish Business Authority.

In the presentation, they explain why graphs are a good fit for fraud detection and how to combine graph analysis with machine learning to prevent fraud.

Graphing r/Investing and r/WallStreetBets

I first learnt about r/WallStreetBets while following the GameStop story at the end of January, so this blog post is fascinating to me. Zuye Zheng has applied graph analysis to the r/WallStreetBets and r/Investing communities.

Using the Louvain and PageRank graph algorithms, Zuye analyses which stocks are being promoted together, in which posts and by whom, and how they differ between these 2 communities.

And all the code used in the post is available on GitHub.

Migrating SQL Server graph databases to Neo4j

Hadi Fadlallah has written a blog post showing how to migrate data from Microsoft SQL Server to Neo4j.

Phonetic search in Neo4j 4, Monaco Editor, OpenTelemetry Instrumentation

Implementing Hidden Markov Model for POS Tagging using Neo4j graph

Shyam Pratap Singh has written a blog post showing how to apply Hidden Markov Models to Part of Speech tagging on graphs.

After explaining the background of Hidden Markov Models, Shyam builds a conditional probability graph in Neo4j and shows how to write queries to determine the part of speech for different terms.

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