This Week in Neo4j – Identifying Graph Shaped Problems, New Neo4j Online Training Courses, Small-world phenomena

Hi graph gang,

In this week’s video, Lju Lazarevic teaches us how to find graph based problems.

Helena Deus explains how to navigate the virus regulation pathway for COVID-19, Anders Brams builds a movie recommendation engine, and Nathan Smith explores small-world phenomena.

And finally, this week we announced several new online training classes.

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This week’s featured community member is Nathan Smith. Nathan is a Senior Principal Data Scientist at PRA Health Sciences leading their data science strategy.

Nathan Smith - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Nathan Smith – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Since Nathan began working with Neo4j, he started a local GraphDB meetup group in Kansas City, organized events for Global Graph Celebration Day, started blogging about his graph-y projects and discoveries, and started speaking to educate the community. He was also one of the winners of GraphHack around NODES 2019!

When we first connected to Nathan last year, he started dipping his toes in the water, and within less than a year, his name is ringing bells in the community. Nathan, we’re so proud to see how far you’ve come this year! We can’t wait to see all the groundbreaking things you bring to our world. Thank you!

For all you readers out there, check out Nathan’s blog posts. If you like it, let him know! You can reach Nathan right on the Neo4j Community Site.

Identifying Graph Shaped Problems

This week’s video is a webinar by Lju Lazarevic in which she teaches us how to identify graph shaped problems.

In the talk, Lju goes through the different questions that we can ask ourselves about our dataset and identifies use cases that fall into each category.

Announcing New Neo4j Online Training Courses

Elaine Rosenberg announced the release of three new online training courses: Introduction to Neo4j 4.0, Graph Data Modeling for Neo4j, and Basic Neo4j 4.0 Administration.

These courses are self paced and completely free. And once you’ve completed the Introduction to Neo4j 4.0 you’ll be ready to take the free certification exam!

Exploring small-world phenomena with Neo4j

Nathan Smith, this week’s featured community member, continues his series of blog posts about Networks, Crowd, and Markets. We’re now up to chapter 20, which is about small-world phenomena.

In the post, Nathan builds a social network and, with the help of the Graph Data Science Library, shows how to compute the connectivity of people in the graph.

Virus regulation pathway, PHP package, Alicia Frame Interview

Movie Recommendations powered by Knowledge Graphs and Neo4j

Anders Brams has been working on MindReader, a novel dataset providing explicit user ratings over a knowledge graph within the movie domain.

In the blog post, Anders explains how they built an application to collect this data and make movie recommendations to users using Personalised PageRank based content based filtering.

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