This Week in Neo4j: Java, LangChain, Voice Assistants, Knowledge Graphs and more

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This week’s edition is still under the impression from the recent Vector Search Annoucements with articles on Voice Assistants and LangChain Integration.

NODES 2023 is approaching with big strides – so I hope you got your ticket already. Before NODES 2023 happens in October, we are bringing you a couple of hands-on workshops with topics: NeoDash, Data Modeling, GenAI & Geospatial Data.

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José is based in Portugal and is an Elixir Backend Engineer. He always looks forward to learning new and cool things, either work-related or general knowledge.
In his free time, he is a Football Goalkeeper coach for a U19 team. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Join him at NODES 2023 where he is using Graph Theory to Model a Production Line and Predict Delivery Dates

Jose Diogo Viana

JAVA: How to Create a Spring Boot Application to Retrieve Data from Evernote
For a project, Jennifer Reif wanted to import data from second brain apps (such as Obsidian, Notion, Evernote, etc.) to Neo4j. This led to an article where she shows us how to use the Evernote API and SDK in a Spring Boot application to retrieve data from Evernote.
KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: How to Use Chat-GPT and Python to Build a Knowledge Graph in Neo4j Based on Your Articles
The idea of using NLP techniques for structuring unstructured data is not new, and the recent progress in LLMs (Large Language Models) has sparked countless opportunities for doing just that. In this article, Kaspar Müller will show us how to structure and explore the content of your articles using graph technology and some programming.
VIDEO: Create a Smart Voice Assistant using Google’s PaLM 2, MakerSuite, Neo4j, Whisper, Python & Gradio

In this step-by-step video tutorial, Bhavesh Bhatt shows you how you can combine Google’s PaLM 2, MakerSuite, Neo4j, Whisper, Python, and Gradio to create a powerful voice-controlled assistant through which you can ask questions to your private data which resides in a Neo4j Database using your voice.

LANGCHAIN: LangChain Library Adds Full Support for Neo4j Vector Index

To streamline the use of Neo4j’s recently announced vector index, Tomaz Bratanic has integrated it into the LangChain library properly. LangChain is a leading framework for building LLM applications, integrating most LLM providers, databases, and more. In this blog post, he guides us through an end-to-end example demonstrating how to leverage LangChain for efficient data ingestion into Neo4j vector index.


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