This Week in Neo4j – Low Code GraphQL, Dagster, Executives of Belgian Public Companies Graph

Hi graph gang,

In this week’s video, Will Lyon shows off a tool that enables a low-code approach to building GraphQL APIs.

Rik Van Bruggen revisits the graph of Belgian executives, Lju Lazarevic announces the Neo4j Summer of Nodes, and Sephi Berry builds a graph network pipeline with Dagster.

And finally, Preet Kanwar has started a blog post series showing how to build a Neo4j backed application with Spring Boot and Kong.

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This week’s featured community member is Demian Bellumio, Global Vice President of Augmented Intelligence at NEORIS.

Demian Bellumio - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Demian Bellumio – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Demian has been a graph enthusiast for many years. He’s a Neo4j user (obviously!) and a Neo4j Partner. He was recently interviewed as part of the 5-Minute interview series about his experience using graphs for machine learning.

If you’ve been to any of the Neo4j Connections events, his name may ring a bell, as that is where he presented on the Neoris COVID-19 HealthCheck Graph.

Neoris, is a digital accelerator that services companies in industries such as tech and media, financial services, heath, and energy and utilities. They are partners for some of the biggest companies in the world. Demian specializes in innovation in augmented intelligence (soooo cool, right!?!).

Demian, we love hearing about all your interesting use cases and projects and we hope you continue to share. Thank you for being part of our graph-lovin’ community and giving-back by sharing with us your knowledge and experience!

Low Code GraphQL with Neo4j GraphQL Architect

This week’s video is a presentation by Will Lyon about Neo4j GraphQL Architect, a graph app that enables low-code development of GraphQL APIs.

In the video Will gives us a walk through of the tool, showing how to infer a schema for an existing database, import new data using mutations, and query it using the in-built GraphiQL IDE.

Implementing a graph network pipeline with Dagster

Dagster is a system for building modern data applications and Sephi Berry has written a blog post showing how to use it to build a graph network pipeline.

Using data from StatsBomb, a football analytics company, Sephi shows how to load CSV data, massage it to fit the graph schema, before exporting new CSV files that are imported into Neo4j.

Executives of Belgian Public Companies – revisited!

Back in 2017, Rik Van Bruggen wrote a couple of blog posts exploring the network of executives of Belgian public companies, based on an article in the De Tijd newspaper. Fast forward a few years and they sent him the 2020 version of the dataset to verify their analysis.

In this post, Rik shows how to use the Graph Data Science Library to find the most influential executives and the communities that they form.

Neo4j TypeScript OGM, Summer of Nodes, More Graph Embeddings

How To Build Graphql API with Spring Boot, Neo4j and Kong

Preet Kanwar continues the blog post series showing how to build a Neo4j backed application with Spring Boot and Kong, an open-source API gateway and microservice management layer.

In part 2, Preet explains how to query GraphQL API using GraphiQL, how relationships work in graph databases, and exception handling using the ‘GraphQLErrorHandler’ part of GraphQL servlet.

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