This Week in Neo4j: Cloud Deployments, Llamaindex, Knowledge Graphs, Aura CLI and more

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j, your weekly fix for news from the world of graph databases!
This week’s edition features a detailed look at how to deploy on Azure, an interview with Llamaindex co-founder Jerry Lju, we create Knowledge Graphs from YouTube transcripts and make use of the new Aura API.

For beginners, I rotated a new set of links below. Let me know if you find these useful.

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Federica holds a master’s in Mathematics from the University of Salento, where she wrote a data-streaming thesis. She is passionate about machine learning and deep learning, particularly natural language processing, and enjoys data modeling and querying.
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In her session at NODES “Relation Extraction: Dependency Graphs vs. Large Language Models” Federica leverages dependency graphs, employing a rule-based approach and exploiting the Neo4j navigation experience. She also applies GPT language models and discusses prompt engineering before finishing by comparing two approaches on a knowledge graph.

Federica Ventruto

CLOUD DEPLOYMENT: Deploy Neo4j on AKS with TLS and reverse proxy

In this tutorial, Amit Gujar looks at the steps involved in deploying Neo4j on Azure using AKS. It gives you all the necessary steps (including a Github Repo) to deploy and utilise Neo4j on your AKS cluster efficiently with a TLS certificate.
PODCAST: LlamaIndex and More: Building LLM Tech with Jerry Liu
Our monthly podcast is back in 2024, and the team is joined by an extraordinary guest to talk about data and LLMs: Jerry Liu, co-founder/CEO of LlamaIndex. If you’d rather watch than listen to this episode, you can head over to our YouTube Channel for the video.
KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: YouTube Transcripts → Knowledge Graphs for RAG Applications
Alex Gilmore scrapes YouTube video transcripts into a knowledge graph for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications. In the blog, he uses Google Cloud Platform to store transcripts, LangChain to create documents from the transcripts and a Neo4j graph database to store the resulting documents.
AURA CLI: Convenient Neo4j Integration Tests in GitHub Actions Using the Aura CLI

The Aura CLI is a command line interface for interacting with Neo4j Aura. Using the CLI, you can manage, create, and delete instances, pause and resume, and even create snapshots of an existing instance. In this article (including an entire workflow file on Github), Adam Cowley shows us how to integrate Neo4j Aura into Github Actions for automated testing.


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