This Week in Neo4j – NODES 2019 Preview: GRANDstack, Building a Data Warehouse with Neo4j,
Scale up your D3 graph visualisation

This week we preview the GRANDstack and GraphQL talks at the NODES 2019 conference and we learn how to build a data warehouse with Neo4j.

Stefan Dreverman continues his series on building questionnaires using Neo4j, Jan Zak teaches us how to scale up d3.js graph visualisations, and we have a GRANDstack movies demo app.



Mark Needham and the Developer Relations team

Our featured community member this week is Betsy Hilliard, Senior Scientist at Valkyrie Intelligence.

Betsy Hilliard - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Betsy Hilliard – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Betsy is a classic graph-nerd who is fortunate enough to work at a company with a slew of other graph-nerds (that’s what happens when the CEO is a graph-nerd).

We first connected to Betsy when she read about Global Graph Celebration Day on ‘This Week in Neo4j’ and signed her company up to host an event in their office in Austin, Texas.

From there, she signed up for the Neo4j Speaker Program, and we’ve continued conversations on what other opportunities we can get her more involved with the community.

(PS. we love community suggestions, if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see, let us know

Betsy is a trailblazer who is passionate about graphs and helping others advance their knowledge. We’re so lucky and thankful to have someone like Betsy (and her team at Valkyrie) in our community.

NODES 2019 Preview: GRANDstack and GraphQL

There’s now only four weeks to go until our first Neo4j Online Developer Summit, and this week we’re going to preview talks tagged GRANDstack and GraphQL.


In GRANDstack: Graphs ALL the Way Down, Will Lyon will give an introduction to the GRANDstack and explain why it’s the future of graph based applications.


In his talk, Alex Babeanu will explain why the GRANDstack is the perfect framework for implementing User Managed Access (AMA), an international security standard that gives users complete control over their personal data.

Building a Data Warehouse with Neo4j

Earlier this week, Nelson Sousa presented Building a Data Warehouse with Neo4j at the Pentaho London User Group.

Nelson shows how to load the Northwind dataset into Neo4j using PDI, and then contrasts the modelling and querying approaches using a relational database.

Building a Questionnaire with Neo4j — part 2/3: A static list

Stefan Dreverman continues his series of blog posts showing how to use Neo4j to build a questionnaire.

In part 2 he contrasts different ways of modeling a static list of questions, imports data into the chosen model, and shows the queries we can run against the model.

Scale up your D3 graph visualisation, GRANDstack Movies Demo, Neo4j on the Cloud

Podcast: Connecting to Apache Kafka with Neo4j

David Allen and Michael Hunger featured on the most recent episode of the Streaming Audio Kafka podcast.

They discuss features released in Neo4j versions 3.4 and 3.5, the history of integration with Kafka, and using Neo4j to add graph operations to a streaming application.

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