This Week in Neo4j – NODES Preview: Data Science & Graph Algorithms, Graphing Brexit, Building a Chat Bot

This week we preview the Data Science and Graph Algorithms talks at the NODES 2019 conference and we do further analysis on the Brexit Graph.

Max De Marzi starts a series of posts showing how to build a chat bot, František Hartman builds a custom analyser for Full Text Search, and the Graplytic modeling tool is now available as a Graph App.



Mark Needham and the Developer Relations team

Our featured community member this week is Danielle Monteiro.

Danielle Monteiro - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Danielle Monteiro – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Danielle is one of our active community members in Sao, Paulo, Brazil. We initially interacted with Danielle through the Neo4j Speaker Program as she was accepted to be a speaker at Oracle Code One / Oracle Open World. She’s a speaker, a thought leader, and a friend.

In the year 2018, she lectured at over 80 events!

On behalf of the Neo4j Community, thanks for all your work Danielle!

NODES 2019 Preview: Data Science and Graph Algorithms

There’s now only two weeks to go until our first Neo4j Online Developer Summit, and this week we’re going to preview talks tagged Data Science and Graph Algorithms.


Kenneth Schwartz will give an experience report on his use of Neo4j to build an in-house fraud, waste, and abuse platform.



In Large Scale Social Networks – Challenges and Opportunities, Adam Cowley will model a large scale social network using Cypher and user defined procedures. He’ll then apply graph algorithms to personalise content and improve engagement.

Graphing Brexit: Average Positions, MPs vs Parties, Rebel MPs

While the UK parliament was unlawfully suspended, I revisited the Brexit Graph that I created earlier this year and did some more analysis.

Building a Chat Bot in Neo4j: Part 1

Max De Marzi has started writing a series of blog posts showing how to build a chat bot using Neo4j.

In part 1, we create a procedure that takes in text and turn it into an intent and named entities, so we can “hear” what the user is trying to tell us.

Graphlytic Graph App, APOC string matching, GoT Analysis

Custom analyzer for fulltext search in Neo4j

František Hartman shows us how to extend Neo4j’s built in Full Text Search capability to handle the Czech language.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Kunal Pattni: