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Tackling climate change is one of the most pressing problems these days. GraphStuff.FM, our monthly podcast, has two guests this month to talk about it and how technology can help. Moreover, we have another GraphRAG article, we look at the upcoming GraphQL Aura API and how a Chatbot can make attending a conference better.

NODES 2024 Call for Papers is now open! Please submit your graph stories. We love to hear from you.

For Graph Database Beginners, I picked the Cypher Aggregations course this week. This one is a bit more advanced, but if you followed this segment for a while, I am sure you can do it!

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Maria is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Naples Federico II. She works on different aspects of argumentative dialogue, including clarification requests, common sense-based explanations and argumentation strategies.
Connect with her on LinkedIn.

In the livestream “Neo4j Live: Graph-Based Linguistics“, we used graphs for linguistic purposes. Maria showed the potential of graphs in extracting information more intricately and in a more detailed way than corpus linguistics and basic text-based statistical models.

Maria Di Maro
PODCAST: Net Zero Decarbonization with Henry Bruce and Mike Napper from ExpectAI
This month, our Podcast talks to Henry Bruce and Mike Napper from ExpectAI about how they are on a mission to reduce 500 megatons of CO2 by enabling organisations and companies to take action that is profitable and will also reduce their carbon footprint.
GRAPHRAG: Using LlamaParse to Create Knowledge Graphs from Documents
A month ago, LlamaIndex announced the launch of LlamaCloud, a pioneering managed parsing, ingestion, and retrieval service to enhance production-grade context augmentation for LLM and RAG applications. Fanghua Yu demonstrates steps on how to integrate LlamaParse with Neo4j to create knowledge graphs for more accurate and powerful RAG applications.
GRAPHQL: Using the forthcoming Aura GraphQL API
Jonathan Giffard gives a short overview of how the Aura GraphQL API will take advantage of the benefits of GraphQL with Aura-based DBs. Neo4j is running an invitation-only early access program for this and will open it up later this Summer before the estimated full release towards the end of the year.
CHATBOT: Bringing the DataEngBytes experience into the GenAI era
Peter Hanssens founded DataEngBytes, a community event that has grown into a multi-city, full-day conference with over 1,000 attendees annually. Wanting to provide a better experience for their community, they worked on a chatbot for attendees. This article summarises the process and development.


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