This Week in Neo4j: Podcast, RAG, Neo4j Guide, ERP and more

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j, your weekly fix for news from the world of graph databases! This week, we have our latest podcast episode and videos on Haystack and Neo4j Integration; a new guide on Neo4j is coming out, and we look at ERP with graphs. I added a few more links for Graph Database Beginners, including a new introductory training on Vector Indexes. Join our Neo4j Research panel! Sign up to share your experiences with a researcher and influence the future of Neo4j products. What’s in it for you? A chance to connect directly with product development teams, get paid compensation, hear about what we are working on, and more! I hope you enjoy this issue, Alexander Erdl  
  • GRAPHACADEMY: Introduction to Vector Indexes
  • READ: Graph Search Algorithm Basics
  • WATCH: Introduction to Neo4j
  • TRY: Neo4j AuraDB Free
  • Astrid is working at Semantic Web Company as a Data and Knowledge Engineer. At WU Vienna, she investigated tools and techniques (mainly NLP and machine learning) that can help with the problem of misinformation and fake news. Connect with her on LinkedIn. In a livestream “Building a Semantics-Based Recommender System for ESG Documents” we brought together Semantic Web technologies and Neo4j to build a knowledge-based recommender system that is powered by a knowledge graph based on ESG-related documents.
    Astrid Krickl
    PODCAST: Providing Better Business Intelligence with Vish Puttagunta
    For April, our Podcast is joined by Vish Puttagunta, the CEO of Power Central, where they are bringing ERP, data & intelligence together in the food industry to generate tangible and measurable ROI in Business.
    RAG: Neo4j & Haystack Part 1: Knowledge Graphs for RAG
    Neo4j and Haystack teamed up for a two-part webinar series to discuss Knowledge Graphs and RAG. In Ep1, Andreas Kollegger covers knowledge graphs and how to use them in LLM applications and RAG. And in Ep2, Sergey Bondarenco shows you how to use the Haystack Neo4j integration to make full use of knowledge graphs in Haystack pipelines.
    BOOK: Neo4j: The Definitive Guide
    This book by Luanne Misquitta and Christophe Willemsen is now available as an Early Release. It is a comprehensive guide to mastering Neo4j enterprise deployments. Drawing from real-world experiences, it offers practical advice on improving Cypher queries, data modelling, security, and observability.
    ERP: Navigating the Complexities of PLM-ERP Integration with Graph Models and Modern Digital Product Data
    The article by Oleg Shilovitsky discusses the complexities of integrating PLM and ERP systems in manufacturing, highlighting graph-based models for better data management and integration. It emphasises the need for new approaches to manage intricate data and process interdependencies, suggesting that modern graph models can significantly ease enterprises’ integration challenges.
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