This Week in Neo4j: Podcast, Testing, Knowledge Graph, GenAI and more

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This month’s podcast features a known face for those who follow our livestreams: Leann Chen. We also take an in-depth look at integration testing, create a Knowledge Graph in only a few lines of code and use the GenAI stack for enhanced document analysis.

NODES 2024 Call for Papers is now open! Please submit your graph stories. We love to hear from you.

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As a cloud architect, Vraj designs and implements cutting-edge solutions and cloud computing technologies. Using GenAI, he recently developed a tool named “Healthineers GPT.”
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In his latest project “Knowledge Graphs with Azure OpenAI” Vraj is using Neo4j, Azure OpenAI Ollama, and Huggingface to build a property graph with predefined schemas for constructing and querying complex graphs with specific entity and relation types.

Vraj Routu
PODCAST: Getting the Word out on Knowledge Graphs with Leann Chen
The June edition of our podcast features knowledge graph guru Leann Chen, who will talk about using knowledge graphs to improve LLM-based applications. The show also covers the NODES 2024 call for proposals and includes tips and tricks for submitting to speak at conferences.
TESTING: The evolution of integration testing within Spring and Quarkus
This is the recording from jPrime 2024 where Michael Simons explores the evolution of integration testing, particularly the transformative impact of Testcontainers, showcasing the shift towards modern testing practices.
KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Knowledge graph in 100 lines of code
Knowledge Graphs powering Retrieval Augmented Generation or GraphRAG by providing structured data to chat interface are almost everywhere these days. In this article, Dan Selman shows how easy it is to create your custom Knowledge Graph using Typescript, open-source tools and Neo4j.
GENAI: Creating AI-Enhanced Document Management with the GenAI Stack
Angel Borroy and Ajeet Singh Raina show us how to integrate Alfresco with the GenAI Stack to open up possibilities such as enhancing document analysis, automating content classification, transforming search capabilities, and more.

POST OF THE WEEK: Magdalena Lederbauer

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