This Week in Neo4j: RAG, Dashboards, QGIS Plugins, Needle and more

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This week holds more on RAG, Knowledge Graphs and LLMs; we explore no-code Dashboard Building with Looker; we learn how to build QGIS Plugins and take a look at Needle – our Graph App Dev Kit.

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Alan Brown created the Graph Technology Centre of Excellence at a large UK Bank and has delivered a number of innovative use cases using Graph Technology in areas such as Data Governance, Fraud and Financial Crime.
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In his session at NODES “Fighting FinCrime Efficiently With Entity Resolution & Graph Technology” Alan shows how to efficiently combine the best graph technologies, entity resolution, and graph visualisation to optimise the fight against financial crime, identify politically exposed persons and sanctioned entities, and dynamically calculate customer risk.

Alan Brown

RAG: RAG on knowledge graphs using Zephyr-7B

In this article, Manoj Kumar Vohra goes step-by-step how to build a RAG framework leveraging information from knowledge graphs. He is using Neo4j as the knowledge graph, Zephyr-7B as the underlying language model from HuggingFace and Langchain for end to end stitching.
DASHBOARDS: Dashboarding Neo4j Data in Looker Studio: A Powerful Combination
Graph Databases and LLMs allow conversationally getting answers from your data via a Chatbot. But what if you want to get visual data in a dashboard? In this article Sixing Huang shows how to connect Neo4j to Looker Studio and generate dashboards without writing any code.
PLUGINS: Building QGIS Plugins with Python
In this video recording from the North American Cartographic Information Society, Will Lyon covers the process of using PyQGIS and Qt to build plugins for QGIS, an open-source desktop GIS application, through the lens of lessons learned building a QGIS plugin for the Neo4j graph database including use cases and examples of geospatial analysis and data visualization using graph data.
APP DEV: Needle StarterKit: The Ultimate Tool for Accelerating Your Graph App Projects

The Neo4j Needle StarterKit is a template for developing applications aiming to reduce your development time and accelerate your Time To Value (TTV). It provides a responsive and user-friendly interface for applications that interact with Neo4j databases.

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