This Week in Neo4j: GraphAcademy, RDF, RAG, GTFS, Hume and more

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This week’s edition has something for all senses: we take a look at how to work with RDF data and learn how to import GTFS data into Neo4j (📖 read), the benefits of combining a knowledge graph with an LLM (👀 watch) and gain graph-based insights with Hume (👂 listen).

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Jonas Nolde is a Machine Learning Engineer at berrybeat. He has experience in Computer Vision, Graph Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. His paper “Comparing a deterministic and a Bayesian classification neural network for chest diseases in radiological images” was published at the UR-AI 2021 Symposium.
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In his session at NODES “Fine-Tuning an Open-Source LLM for Text-to-Cypher Translation” Jonas demonstrates how to fine-tune a large language model to generate Cypher statements from natural language input, allowing users to interact with Neo4j databases intuitively and without knowledge of Cypher.

Jonas Nolde

GRAPHACADEMY: Neo4j & LLMs – New Courses now available

Leverage Knowledge Graphs and Generative AI by integrating Neo4j with Large Language Models (LLMs) to create intelligent applications. Explore the synergy between knowledge graphs and advanced language models for optimised application development: “Neo4j & LLM Fundamentals” and “Build a Neo4j-backed Chatbot using Python” are now available for you to enrol for free!
RDF: Rdflib-Neo4j: A New Era in RDF Integration for Neo4j

Neosemantics has been the go-to solution for importing/exporting rdf data into/from Neo4j, model mapping, and graph validation based on SHACL validation and inferencing. Unfortunately, it is not available on cloud-based Neo4j deployments. In this article, Aleksandar Simeunovic introduces rdflib-neo4j, an open-source Python library that transcends this boundary.
RAG: Advanced RAG with Knowledge Graphs
In this video, Johannes Jolkkonen demonstrates how to use Large Language Models (LLMs) together with graph databases like Neo4j. After a quick intro, he goes hands-on, creates a graph from unstructured data, and then chats with his knowledge graph.
GIS: Setting up a graph db using GTFS data & Neo4j
In this post, Anita Graser aka Underdark, uses public data for Riga to analyse public transport schedules in GTFS format. She goes step-by-step on how to load the data into your graph.
INTERVIEW: GraphAware with Luanne Misquitta

Software Engineering Daily Podcast interviewed Luanne Misquitta, VP of Engineering at GraphAware, about graph databases and the graph-based analysis solution Hume, which makes it possible to represent data as a network of interconnected entities and provides analysis capabilities to extract insights from the data.


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