This Week in Neo4j – Rock ‘n’ Roll Traffic Routing, Correlated Subqueries, Graph-Powered Machine Learning

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In this week’s video, Amy Hodler interviews Dr. Alessandro Negro about his new book, Graph-Powered Machine Learning.

Michael Hunger explains the power of subqueries in Neo4j 4, Matt Cockayne explains how to pre-populate Neo4j with data using Kubernetes Init Containers, and the Matthias Mann Lab has created a graph of the Proteome Landscape of the Kingdoms of Life.

And finally, Jasper Blues has started a series of blog posts showing how to build a Neo4j-powered mobile game.

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This week’s featured community member is Juan Guillermo Gomez.

Juan Guillermo Gomez - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Juan Guillermo Gomez – This Week’s Featured Community Member

If there was a PhD in tech community involvement, Juan would be our professor. Juan has been active in various overlapping tech communities, and is a Google Developer Expert and Neo4j Certified Professional.

He’s a frequent conference speaker and has been involved in the organization of various events, like GDG Cali and startup Colombia. He even co-founded the first hacker school in Cali DevHack!

You may recognize his name, as Juan is part of the Neo4j Ninja Program, and helps out the fellow Neo4j community on the Neo4j community site. He recently published a Neo4j based Python reference microservice.

This weekend, he hosted an Intro to Neo4j tutorial in Spanish. It was recorded and available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! He also did a Discovering the Magic of Graph-Based Databases with Neo4j (in Spanish) recently you can watch too!

Neo4j: Graph-Powered Machine Learning: An Interview with Dr. Alessandro Negro

This week’s video is an interview with Dr Alessandro Negro about his upcoming book on Graph-Powered Machine Learning.

Alessandro shares his tips for newcomers to graph machine learning, explains common techniques used in recommendations, describes his motivation for writing the book, and more!

The Power of Subqueries in Neo4j 4.x

Sub queries, a long awaited feature, were added to the Cypher query language in Neo4j 4.0 at the beginning of the year. In June, Neo4j 4.1 added support for correlated sub queries, which means that the sub query can use variables from the outer scope.

Michael Hunger explains how to use this new functionality, as well as explaining the history of solving subquery shaped problems with various other tools over the years.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Traffic Routing: Part 1

Jasper Blues has started a series of blog posts showing how to build a Neo4j-powered mobile game.

In part 1, Jasper creates a graph of metro stations and shows how to write Cypher queries to explore different routes between the stations.

Kingdoms of Life, Authentication in Nest.js, Loading data with Kubernetes Init Containers

How To Build Graphql API with Spring Boot, Neo4j and Kong

Preet Kanwar continues the blog post series showing how to build a Neo4j backed application with Spring Boot and Kong, an open-source API gateway and microservice management layer.

In part 3, Preet shows how to use the Neo4j OGM library and Spring Data’s Neo4jRepository to query our graph data.

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