This Week in Neo4j – Schema-Based Security, Starwars Galaxy Graph, Querying Wikidata

Hi graph gang,

In this week’s video from the NODES 2019 conference, Louise Söderström explains schema based security in Neo4j 4.0.

Jorge Albarrán uses Neo4j to explore the Starwars Galaxy, Jesús Barrasa enriches a knowledge graph with Wikidata, and Eric Solender released a Go OGM.

And finally, Rik explores products that were bought together in the Carrefour Basket Data Challenge.


Mark Needham, Karin Wolok, and the Developer Relations team

Our featured community member this week is Keith Damiani, Principal Full Stack Developer at Tighten, a web development agency in Chicago.

Keith Damiani - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Keith Damiani – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Keith is very active in the Laravel community, recently working on the Jigsaw static site generator for Laravel developers.

He recently presented at Laracon NYC, where he shared the love for graphs and maths during his really impressive talk. He also built, a graph based networking application.

Keith recently started working on Neo4Laravel, a library that will make it easier to build graph backed Laravel applications. Matt Stauffer and Zuzana Kunckova have used Keith’s groundwork and inspiration in their live-stream programming sessions.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for all your work Keith!

NODES 2019: Schema-Based Security in Neo4j 4.0

In this week’s video from the NODES 2019, Louise Söderström gives us a sneak peak of security features that will be introduced in the upcoming Neo4j 4.0 release.

In the talk Louise explains how user and role administration has changed from the 3.x series, and describes the new administrative commands that will be available.

Neo4j and the Starwars Galaxy: Using graphs to explore the galaxy

Jorge Albarrán has written about his experience using Neo4j to explore the Starwars Galaxy.

Jorge explains his graph modeling choices before demonstrating exploratory queries. He concludes by optimising Santa’s trip around the empire.

Visualise Activities, Go OGM, Graphistry Release

QuickGraph #10 Enrich your Neo4j Knowledge Graph by querying Wikidata

In the latest article in Jesús Barrasa‘s QuickGraph series, he shows us how to enrich a knowledge graph with data from Wikidata.

Jesús uses neosemantics to import countries and their borders, and runs the path finding and centrality graph algorithms to make sense of the data. He then visualises the data in the Neo4j Browser and enriches the graph by importing continent information as well.

Carrefour Graph: Part 3 – Product combinations

Rik continues his series of blog posts based on data from a coding challenge for Carrefour, a big French retailer.

In part 3 Rik explores products that are frequently bought together, and makes the surprising observation that shoppers often seem to purchase the same phone in different colours.

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