This Week in Neo4j – Search Phrases in Bloom, SSIS Data Flow, Project and Libraries Dependency Graph

This week Anurag Tandon shows us how to use Bloom’s search phrases, and Pablo Díaz builds a project and library dependencies graph.

We also have a post on graph modeling, we learn how to use SSIS Data Flow to import data into Neo4j, and there’s a release of a new Haskell, GraphQL, and Neo4j library.

Our featured community members this week is Igor Rozani

Igor Rozani - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Igor Rozani – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Igor is a true example of a trailblazer! We first encountered him in our community when we discovered his Pokémon Graph project. For this project, he created a scraper to pull data from Bulbapedia and bring it into Neo4j. This allowed him to better understand and track the Mega Evolutions of Pokémon’s.

We invited him to present on the Neo4j Online Meetup and he happily accepted. Since then, he joined our Speaker Program and organized his own Neo4j workshop tutorial at a local company to his home town in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

Igor, you’re awesome!! Despite being new to using Neo4j, you courageously stepped up, presented your project in front of hundreds of people, and shared the graph love after with your friends and colleagues. We’re proud to say you’re part of our community!

Search Phrases in Bloom (Video #4 in Bloom Series)

In the 4th video of Anurag Tandon‘s series of videos on Neo4j Bloom, the graph visualisation tool, we learn about advanced search features.

With the help of a fraud dataset, Anurag shows us how to create and execute Cypher queries via user friendly natural language search phrases

Tracking project and library dependencies with Graph Oriented DBs

Pablo Díaz wrote a blog post describing a project and library dependencies graph he built for all the different projects that compose the general software solution for a customer he works with.

Pablo explains how he built the graph and goes through various questions that are easily answerable via Cypher queries.

Graph data modelling – inferred vs explicit categories and labels

Paul O’Neill has started writing a series of blog posts about his experience using Neo4j. In the first one he contrasts different ways of modelling categories and labels.

Neo4j/Kafka Rail Data Application, Conditional WHERE clauses, Haskell + GraphQL

Using a Data Flow to move data from who knows where to Neo4j in SSIS

In the 2nd post of Chris Skardon’s series on Neo4j and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), we learn how to move data from one place to another using the data flow functionality.

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