This Week in Neo4j – Semantic similarity metrics, Virtuoso SPARQL integration, Deep Graph Library

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In this week’s video, Florent Biville builds out an Angular.js frontend for the Spring Data 6 application.

Jesús Barrasa computes similarity metrics of a taxonomy, Daniel Heward-Mills integrates Virtuoso and Neo4j, and Lju Lazarevic shows how to import and model a Retail Food Store dataset.

And finally, Kristof Neys integrates Neo4j and the Deep Graph Library

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This week’s featured community member is Eric Wespi.

Eric Wespi - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Eric Wespi – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Eric is a Data Scientist at Boston Scientific, where he’s worked for the last 5 ½ years. Before that, he was a Process Engineer for a decade at Intel.

Eric has been part of the Neo4j community for several years and presented How Boston Scientific Improves Manufacturing Quality Using Graph Analytics with Eric Spiegelberg at GraphConnect NY 2018.

Eric recently presented The Journey to Cloud: Implementing AuraDB at Boston Scientific at the Neo4j and the Cloud Connections event. In this interview, Eric explains why AuraDB Enterprise has worked well for his Data Science team and their plans for new use cases going forward.

Building the frontend with Angular.js | Starting an application with SDN 6

Our video this week is from Florent Biville’s Starting an application with SDN 6 live stream.

In this episode, Florent builds out an Angular.js frontend that calls the API developed in previous episodes.

QuickGraph#18 Semantic similarity metrics in taxonomies

In Jesús Barrasa’s latest QuickGraph he shows how to make sense of the taxonomy around the Perseverance rover that recently landed on Mars.

After using n10s to import the dataset from MediaWiki, Jesús makes sense of the graph using similarity metrics that compute path structure, path depth, and common ancestry.

Neo4j & DGL — a seamless integration

Kristof Neys illustrates how to integrate a Graph Attention Network model using the Deep Graph Library into the Neo4j workflow and deploying the Neo4j Python driver.

The Spark of Neo4j, Modelling and loading data, Merging Nodes

Integrating Virtuoso SPARQL Query Results into a Neo4j Property Graph

Daniel Heward-Mills demonstrates how to combine the power of SPARQL, SQL, and Cypher using Neo4j and OpenLink Virtuoso.

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