This Week in Neo4j – SKOS taxonomy, Asset Management System, Introduction to Liquigraph

Hi graphistas,

It’s been a bit of a hectic week over here. My highlight was presenting some online Neo4j training with the 1-year old playing in the background! I hope things are going well wherever you are in the world.

Our video this week is an introduction to Liquigraph from Florent Biville’s live stream.

Jesus Barrasa imports a SKOS taxonomy into Neo4j using n10s, Bhavesh Pandey explains how to build a graph backed asset management system, and Bert Radke writes up his experience playing with the Neo4j Traversal API.

And finally, Dan Flavin helps us work out whether it’s our query or the graph visualisation in Neo4j Browser that’s actually slow.

Cheers, Mark and the Developer Relations team

This week’s featured community member is Dominic Kumar.

Dominic Kumar - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Dominic Kumar – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Dominic is an Enterprise Data Architect at Deloitte, with 18 years of experience transforming Customer Data into Knowledge, providing 360-degree Insight on Data and value-based solutions.

He’s been a member of the Neo4j community since 2018 and has been prolific in responding to people’s questions in recent months. He’s also written blog posts about Neo4j clusters, the GraphAware UUID Library, Neo4j Spatial, and more.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for your work Dominic!

Introduction to Liquigraph with Florent Biville

Our video this week is an introduction to Liquigraph from Florent Biville’s live stream.

Liquigraph is a database refactoring automation tool for Neo4j. In the video, Florent gives us a guided tour of the library, showing some of its main features and how it solves common problems.

QuickGraph #13 Using a SKOS taxonomy for semantic search on a document repository

It’s time for another of Jesus Barrasa’s QuickGraph posts, in which we learn how to query the TESEO database of PhD theses from Spanish Universities.

The post covers a lot of ground, including:

    • Using n10s to import a SKOS taxonomy of nomenclature for the fields of science and technology.
    • Exploring the resulting graph using Neo4j Bloom
    • Running semantic search Cypher queries against the TESEO database of PhD theses

Where’s My Neo4j Cypher Query Results?

In Dan Flavin’s latest blog post, he addresses the problem of working out whether your query is slow or if the rendering of the results in the Neo4j Browser is the problem.

Dan shares tips for working out the culprit, as well as sharing alternative tools to use to process results if the Neo4j Browser isn’t suitable.

Obsidian Neo4j Plugin, Neo4j Traversal API, GraphAware UUID on Neo4j 4.x

Building an asset management system: Part 1

Bhavesh Pandey has started building a graph backed asset management system to keep track of the assets generated during the production of visual effects (VFX) projects.

In the blog post, Bhavesh takes us through the graph model for the system and the benefits experienced from using Neo4j to build the system instead of MySQL.

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