This Week in Neo4j: Vectors, Chatbot, Going Meta, IoT and more

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By now, I wonder when we will have the first week without an article on Vectors or ChatGPT (this edition featuring both). We also celebrate 20 episodes of Going Meta and go hands-on in building a smart device for agriculture.

In a few weeks, we will all gather around the world for NODES 2023! Register now for 26th October and explore this year’s great agenda! This coming Tuesday, the final Road to NODES workshop takes place: Geospatial Data. I hope to see you there.

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Dr Nesvit worked for eight years in the industry, where she built a recommendation engine for a social media app and a data science platform that predicts compensation for talent across the IT industry using the Neo4j database.
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Join Kateryna at NODES 2023 where she compares data models and shows the effectiveness of graphs versus tables in revealing patterns. Graphs help you uncover hidden patterns and unlock valuable insights more intuitively than the table view.

Kateryna Nesvit

VECTORS: Spring AI can now use Neo4j as a Vector Store
The Spring AI project aims to streamline the development of applications that incorporate artificial intelligence functionality without unnecessary complexity. It aims to be something like LangChain or LlamaIndex for the Java world. Combining Spring AI with Spring Data Neo4j makes it possible to build on existing domain models, turn them into a graph and enrich them with vector embeddings.
CHATBOT: The Abridged Guide to Neo4j Cypher Generation with OpenAI GPT-4
In this blog, Adam Cowley demonstrates how to build a conversational agent capable of querying a Neo4j database using existing tools and with as little code as possible. He will also address some of the challenges you may face along the way if you are trying to do something similar.
GOING META: 20 Episodes of Going Meta — A Recap

Together with Jesús Barrasa, we celebrate 20 episodes of Going Meta – a live-stream series discussing the many aspects of Semantics, Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs. Inadvertently, a few themes emerged, and we thought talking about them would help you find your way in the already sizeable collection of episodes.

Industry of Things: Integrating IoT Edge devices with cloud-native analytics for smarter insights

In this blog post, Ajeet Singh Raina explores how Neo4j can be used to build a powerful smart agriculture system. Neo4j makes it possible to identify crop patterns, predict crop yields, and optimise resource usage. The blog includes a step-by-step guide to building a Neo4j-based smart agriculture system to help farmers make better decisions and improve their crop yield.

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Open Ownership – Watch the Open Sanctions Video!

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