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In this week’s episode, Marco Falcier announced an update to the neo4j-versioner-core library.

NODES 2021 Call for Papers ends April 5. Cristina walks through how she and Alisson migrated Neo4j’s GraphGist portal to the GRANDstack. GraphStuff.FM is now live – a podcast for all things graph.

And finally, Davide shows us how to test polyglot with Github Actions, Lju gives us a fun game to play with data, and Will builds the next part of the podcast application.

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This week’s featured community member is Zuye Zheng.

Zuye Zheng - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Zuye Zheng – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Zuye is a Principal Architect at Salesforce in San Francisco, where he leads the development of the Salesforce Analytics experience for traditional reports and dashboards and ML augmented interfaces leveraging natural language and semantic graphs. Before that, he worked at Duetto Research and co-founded AppMesh. We saw Zuye’s really interesting article a few weeks ago on Graphing r/Investing and r/Wallstreetbets where he imported Reddit posts, comments, users, and stock symbols they talked about into Neo4j and ran a number of graph analysis experiments on them. We hope to see more cool uses of graphs coming from him in the future.

Updates to neo4j-versioner-core library

Marco Falcier and Alberto D’Este have updated the popular neo4j-versioner-core library that allows users to handle data versioning in Neo4j.

This library helps keep track of entity state in the database. It is added as an extension, just like APOC or custom plugins would be. We can clone the repository, add it to the plugins directory in Neo4j, and restart the database. For more details on functionality and usage, there is documentation in the Github repository.

Call to NODES

The closing date for this year’s Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit (NODES) call for papers (CfP) is just around the corner! You have until April 5 at 23:30 UTC to get your submissions in. Need some help with the process?

We look forward to hearing your graph story!

Building a CMS with the GRANDstack

Cristina wrote a blog post about how she and her colleague, Alisson, updated our GraphGist portal. The portal contains short, interactive examples of graphs with a variety of data sets and includes data models and sample queries.

Cristina and Alisson migrated the existing application from a Ruby on Rails codebase to a new and improved GRANDstack structure. The blog post walks through how they did it – from data in the Neo4j database to GraphQL queries to the content approval process.

Thank you, Cristina and Alisson, for the amazing work you did!

New! GraphStuff.FM Podcast

Will Lyon and Lju Lazarevic are co-hosting a new podcast all about graphs – GraphStuff.FM! It’s your one-stop-shop for all things graph and connected data.

There are two podcast episodes released so far with more to come. Tune in to the latest episode to hear how to navigate a conference from submission to delivery.

Testing Polyglot with Github Actions, Explore Neo4j, GRANDstack Podcast App

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