This Week in Neo4j: GraphConnect, New Tools and Features, Neo4j GDS Python Client, ImageToGraph, and More

It’s been such an eventful week for the Neo4j community, especially for those who went to GraphConnect 2022 in Austin, Texas.

If you were there in person earlier this week (lucky you), you probably saw all of the exciting new tools and features announced during the keynote. For the rest of us who couldn’t make it, this newsletter is here to catch you up to speed.


Dr. Sixing Huang is a German bioinformatician who lives in Shenzhen and works at MGI(BGI). As a Neo4j Certified Professional, Sixing has written a number of informative articles about using graphs and Neo4j. The topics span from using Genome Clustering, Disease Analytics, and Enzyme GraphQL APIs all the way to exploring the Bollywood movieverse.

PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: What’s New in UserTools, Graph Database, and GDS

At GraphConnect 2022, Emil and team announced the new Neo4j Workspace in UserTools and Neo4j Data Warehouse Connector. In Neo4j Graph Database, there’s the new Neo4j Operations Manager and Neo4j Cluster and Fabric. Neo4j GDS introduced Apache Arrow integration for graph projections, as well as the K-means clustering algorithm and the node regression ML pipeline. Read the announcement blog or watch the GraphConnect keynote below.

NEW BOOK: Knowledge Graphs Applied

Alessandro Negro’s new book “Knowledge Graphs Applied” guides you in creating knowledge graphs from first principles all the way to learning how to develop advisor applications for real-world domains – and it’s now available through Manning Early Access Program.

FUN TOOL: ImageToGraph

Upload any image to the ImageToGraph tool, and watch it create a graph of that image right in front of your eyes.

DATA SCIENCE: Get Started With the Neo4j Graph Data Science Python Client

Tomaz Bratanic walks you through how to integrate graph algorithms into Python analytical workflows and shows you the basic syntax of the newly released Python client for Neo4j Graph Data Science.


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