This Week in Neo4j – 25 November 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

This week’s featured community member is Markus Harrer, Software Development Analyst at Sparda Bank DV.

Markus Harrer - This Week's Featured Community Member

Markus joined the Neo4j community when he realized the power of the graph for software analytics. In his quest to make software development decisions data driven, he utilized Neo4j to visualize, infer, chart, and analyse the graphs of software.

Markus presented at our online meetup and at several Java User Groups. He also wrote a large number of blog posts with detailed examples of his approach.

Thank you so much Markus!

Online Meetup: Software Analytics with Jupyter, Pandas, jQAssistant, and Neo4j

In this week’s online meetup Markus Harrer explored my favorite area of graph applications – software analytics. Equipped with the urge to improve software development decisions with data, he uses Jupyter Notebooks with Pandas and Py2Neo to query and visualize data from software project structures, commits and source code.

Based on jQAssistants capabilities for scanning and analyzing large software projects he uses the graph data to gain specific insights.

Explore his very insightful blog and the slides for the meetup.

Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers spurred a number of activities this week.

Ryan updated the Neo4j ICIJ Sandbox with the new data and also published a Docker image: docker run -p 7474:7474 -p 7687:7687 ryguyrg/neo4j-paradise-papers

Will and I wrote a blog post that goes deeper into the graph analytics of the Paradise Papers, exploring graph algorithms and map visualizations.

paradise papers in depth 1

Will also shows how to use Pandas with Neo4j’s Python driver to quickly analyze graph data.


The Neo4j drivers saw some releases this week:

Neo4j 3.2.8 was released too with some small fixes in Cypher, WIndows packaging and Causal Cluster. The next alpha of Neo4j 3.4.0 is scheduled next week.

From BOM & LDAP to Marvel & Healthcare Data – Articles for a Whole Weekend

Cool Projects: TableTop-Generation & Repositories-You-Might-Like

James David Tandy shared TableTop Generation, a full Social Collaboration Platform for people in the Tabletop Industry, Entirely based on Neo4j with a very slight splash of Mongo. Really cool as I like good board games!

An useful project using the GitHub API and Neo4j from Alex Puschinksy‏ is RepoYouMayLike – an experiment in Github projects recommendation

Good Answers on StackOverflow

Next Week

What’s happening next week in the world of graph databases?

Date Title Group Speaker

Nov 28 2017

Spring Data Neo4j for Enterprise Applications

Graph Database Czech Republic

František Hartman

Nov 30 2017

All about GRAND Stack: GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j

Neo4j London User Group

Wiliam Lyon

Nov 30 2017

(Free Workshop) Full stack development with Neo4j: The GRAND stack – London

Neo4j London User Group

Wiliam Lyon

Nov 30 2017

How Project Rephetio used Neo4j to predict drug repurposing

Neo4j Online Meetup

Daniel Himmelstein

The FOSDEM 2018 Graph Developer Room submissions are due this weekend, if you are interested in graph databases and open source and have some interesting idea, technology or project to share.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Manuel Villa, ICIJ Data Fellow:

And I finally met the amazing Florent Biville of and ProcedureCompiler fame at Devoxx in Morocco.

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That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Michael