This Week in Neo4j – 4 March 2017

Welcome to the 2nd edition of This Week in Neo4j!

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Contributing to Neo4j: Florent Biville

Florent Biville – Author of the Neo4j Procedure Compiler

Long-time community member Florent Biville described his experience building the Neo4j Procedure Compiler which shipped with Neo4j 3.1.0.

Florent picked up user-defined procedures just after their release in May 2016 and realised that you couldn’t find common errors until you deployed the procedure which made for a slow feedback cycle. He wanted to address this and collaborated with Tobias Lindaaker from the Neo4j engineering team to build the Procedure Compiler.

I asked Florent if he had any tips for other people who are interested in contributing either to the main Neo4j code base or one of the surrounding projects such as APOC.

These were Florent’s top tips:
    • Focus on one specific improvement at a time
    • Share your first results – don’t try to reach perfection. The Neo4j community is open and approachable.
    • If you need help use Slack or speak to one of the DevRel team ( who will direct you to the best person to collaborate with.

4,000 Slack Users!

The Neo4j-users Slack community this week

Achievement unlocked: 4,000 Slack users

Speaking of Slack – this week we had our 4,000th member of the community registered on the Neo4j-Users Slack, getting questions answered and helping others with their Neo4j journey.

Since August 2015, there have been more than 250,000 messages posted, of which just under 100,000 were on public channels. If you’re stuck with a Cypher query or need help importing your data be sure to drop by and ask for help.

Making Sense of Airbnb’s Data using Neo4j and Elastic

Late last week Christophe Willemsen showed me a really cool talk where John Rodley and Chris Williams from Airbnb explain how they built a data portal using Neo4j to help make their internal data more searchable, discoverable, and consumable.

In the talk they explain how they’ve used the power of Neo4j and Elastic to make it easier to find the information you’re looking for. The GraphAware neo4j-to-elasticsearch and graph-aided-search libraries were used to glue the two technologies together.

The talk is part of the Airbnb Tech Talk series and the slides for the talk are also available. There’s some really well-designed slides in the talk so it’s well worth taking a look.

Kafka, Neo4j PHP OGM, Twitter API and More

Meetups on R, Ruby on Rails and more

There were lots of meetups and slide decks floating around the Twittersphere this week.

Explore everything that's happening in the Neo4j community for the week of 4 March 2017

Samathy Barratt presenting at the Women in Tech, Nottingham group

A Closing Tweet from Malta

We’ll close with a tweet from Niall in Malta who’s having fun using Neo4j to analyse social networks:

Have a good weekend!