This Week in Neo4j – Azure, Geneaology, Docker

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to our first version of TWIN4j in 2018.

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and managed at least a few days not working. My extended family had two babies experiencing it all for the first time – I think they were pretty bemused by the whole thing!

The graph community has been busy over the holidays. We’ve got Docker compose scripts to spin up a causal cluster, easy loading of datasets on Azure, clever use of Cypher, and more.

This week’s featured community member is Iian Neill, Technical Lead at Art Renewal Center in Brisbane, Australia.

Iian Neill - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Iian Neill – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Iian has been a member of the Neo4j community for many years and is best known for his project The Codex, a Neo4j based digital humanities project that aims to create an atlas of events, people, and locations from primary sources of any topic or period. The published version uses letters from the Italian Renaissance. You can learn more in a video that Iian recorded about it.

Iian featured on Rik’s podcast in early 2016 where the explained the project in more detail.

Iian uses Neo4j from .NET and has published extensions to neo4jclient as well as providing feedback and help to other .NET users.

On behalf of the digital humanities and Neo4j communities, thanks for all your work Iian!

Pick of the week: Interview with Dr Philip Garnett

In the 2nd December 2017 edition of TWIN4j we featured an article by Dr Philip Garnett about his work on the murder of Daniel Morgan.

I found Philip’s work fascinating so I was delighted to find out that he was the latest person to be interviewed on Rik‘s Graphistania podcast.

The Daniel Morgan Murder Graph

The Daniel Morgan Murder Graph

They discuss Philip’s work mapping the way organisations interact with people, his blog post about Daniel Morgan, as well as ideas about future areas for investigation. It’s well worth a listen (or read!).

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Causal Clustering Quickstart

Eric Spiegelberg has written a Causal Cluster Quickstart and has Docker Compose scripts to boot.

Causal Cluster ready to go!

Causal Cluster ready to go!

This is an excellent walk through explaining some nuances of Neo4j clustering as well as how to use it from your applications.

This Week on StackOverflow

This week on Neo4j StackOverflow…​

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Gregg Bolinger:

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That’s all for this week.

Cheers, Mark