The Top 10 Can’t-Miss Speakers at GraphConnect Europe [2017 Edition]

Learn all about the 10 most spectacular speakers at GraphConnect Europe in 2017You already know the top nine reasons you should attend GraphConnect Europe this year, but besides the fantastic networking opportunities with some of the world’s most advanced graph database developers, architects and CTOs, there’s one reason that outshines them all: the amazing portfolio of speakers.

Here are just ten of the long list of speakers you simply can’t miss at GraphConnect Europe (See for the full speaker list):

Chris Williams & John Bodley from Airbnb

Chris Williams at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Chris Williams is a Data Visualization Engineer at Airbnb and works on visualizations, frameworks, and data tools, and John Bodley is a Software Engineer at Airbnb focusing on developing tools to provide transparency around data.

At GraphConnect Europe, Chris and John will be presenting “Democratizing Data at Airbnb.”

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David da Silva from Capgemini UK

David da Silva at GraphConnect Europe in 2017David da Silva is the Deputy Head of the Capgemini UK Data Science team. He has experience in commercial analysis products like SAS, but he prefers the flexibility of open source technologies, especially Python and Scala. His background is in military operational research but nowadays I mainly work on network analysis solutions and machine learning frameworks for fraud detection.

At GraphConnect Europe, David will be presenting “Don’t Choose One Database Choose Them All!”

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Luanne Misquitta from GraphAware

Luanne Misquitta at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Luanne Misquitta is a Principal Consultant at GraphAware. She holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from St. Xavier’s College. Luanne is a developer, consultant and trainer with over 17 years of experience. She is a valued member of the Neo4j community, an active open source contributor, and one of the main committers to Spring Data Neo4j. Luanne is based in Abu Dhabi.

At GraphConnect, Luanne will be presenting on “Neo4j as a Key Player in Human Capital Management.”

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Nicolas Rouyer from Orange

Nicolas Rouyer at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Nicolas Rouyer is a big data architect and project manager at Orange telecom company. He is currently working in an Orange incubator, Villa Occitanie, which mixes startups and Orange developers. Nicolas organizes the graph database meetup in Toulouse, France, has a flair for understanding customer needs and designs powerful (connected) data models.

At GraphConnect, Nicolas will be presenting on “Big Data Governance with Neo4j.”

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Jim Webber from Neo4j

Jim Webber at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Jim Webber is the Chief Scientist on the Neo4j team.

He will be presenting the closing keynote address at GraphConnect Europe. His talk will be full of exciting announcements about graph technology, a bit of graph theory and of course jokes about Emil.

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Marcel Donges from Deutsche Bahn

Marcel Donges at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Over the past 20 years, Marcel Donges has worked for renowned companies like Deutsche Post, Huawei and Deutsche Bahn as a software architect, business designer and executive coach. His passion is to accompany organizations on their exciting path of digital transformation.

At GraphConnect Europe, Marcel will be presenting on, “Configuration Management at Deutsche Bahn – A Graph-Based CMM-4 Managed Environment for Data Centers.”

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Praveena Fernandes from Neo4j

Praveena Fernandes at GraphConnect in 2017Praveena Fernandes is a Software Engineer on the Neo4j team based in London. She is a Computer Science Engineer from Madras Institute of Technology, India, and has an extensive technical background as a developer and software consultant. She is passionate about all things related to programming and gender diversity in technology. She is skilled at starting new pet projects and never completing one whenever she has anything resembling free time or has to do anything that resembling a grown up.

At GraphConnect, Praveena will be presenting on, “Interpreting Relational Schema to Graphs.”

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Rickard Damm & Lars Ericsson from Telia Company

Rickard Damm at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Rickard Damm is the Founder of Telia Zone and currently leads the project towards global commercialisation. Rickard has a broad high-tech product management and business development background having worked on conceptualising and launching new products and services across several domains.

Lars Ericsson is the tech lead of Telia Zone and has worked on system architecture and implementation from the beginning of the project.Lars Ericsson at GraphConnect Europe in 2017 Lars has experience of leading projects focused on technical innovation, hardware, web and API platforms.

At GraphConnect Europe, Rickard and Lars will present on “Scaling Neo4j to Millions of Homes with Kubernetes.”

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Axel Morgner from Structr

Axel Morgner at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Axel Morgner started Structr in 2010 to create the next-gen CMS. Previously, he worked for Oracle and founded an ECM company. Axel loves open source. As CEO, he’s responsible for the company behind Structr and the project itself with focus on the front end.

At GraphConnect Europe, Axel will be co-presenting with Marcel Donges on, “Configuration Management at Deutsche Bahn – A Graph-Based CMM-4 Managed Environment for Data Centers.”

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Emil Eifrem from Neo4j

Emil Eifrem at GraphConnect Europe in 2017Emil Eifrem is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Neo4j team. Committed to sustainable open source, he guides Neo4j along a balanced path between free availability and commercial reliability. He plans to save the world with graphs and own Larry’s yacht by the end of the decade.

At GraphConnect Europe, Emil will be presenting the opening keynote address, which more often than not includes some pretty big company and product announcements.

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Of course, this list is only ten of this year’s 40+ speakers who will present at GraphConnect Europe. Check out the full list and register for GraphConnect Europe on 11th May 2017.

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