The Top 10 Neo4j Videos of 2018

Two things are certain in life: Taxes! And we’ve committed a lot to video this year.

Ranking these 10 videos seemed wrong, as our video content features a wide range of subject matter. Who are we to say what’s best for you? What you’ll see below is a well-rounded smattering of videos shining light on the top topics of graph technology in 2018.

Check out 10 videos produced by Neo4j on the top graph technology topics of 2018.

A little something for everyone, as it were. Have a gander. And be sure to subscribe to the Neo4j YouTube channel, because we’ve got plenty of vids planned for the coming year.

Deep Learning on Graphs (Neo4j Online Meetup)

Join Neo4j Cloud Engineer Andrew Jefferson as he talks about cloud and AI through the lens of his time as an AI Researcher for Octavian, an open source research organization.

Transforming Enterprise AI at Scale with Neo4j

Join our friends at EY to discover how Neo4j and graph analytics is helping Fortune 100 companies with digital transformation strategies. You’ll also get advice for implementing new data and analytics architectures, built on Neo4j and enriched by AI algorithms.

Screencast: Graph Visualization with Neo4j

Explore our JavaScript library called Neovis.js while learning how to create graph visualizations and use the results of graph algorithms like PageRank and community detection.

Intro to Graph Databases Episode #6, Continuing on with Cypher

Ryan Boyd’s Intro to Graph Databases series is essential viewing for anyone getting started with Neo4j. Episode #6, however, has shown to be quite popular for those who already understand Cypher basics and are ready for a deeper dive into filtering, aggregates and syntax.

Hilary Mason: The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Learn how to think about AI and ML with practicality for the future by watching Hilary Mason, GM for Machine Learning at Cloudera, give her entertaining and insightful GraphConnect 2018 keynote.

Exploring the World Cup Graph with Bloom

Any calendar year that includes a World Cup is a truly special. Of course, we have to graph it! In this video, enjoy exploring Neo4j’s data visualization tool Bloom via some football fun.

Hands On with the GRANDstack Starter Project

Zeit now, you too can learn about building and deploying a full stack application using the GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database) with Neo4j Developer Relations Engineer, Will Lyon.

Data Structures and Algorithms: Linked Lists, Trees and Hash Maps

Join Dr. Jim Webber, Neo4j Chief Scientist, as he talks about choosing data structures and algorithms for high-performance graph storage.

Ontologies in Neo4j: Semantics and Knowledge Graphs

Watch Jesús Barrasa, Field Engineer at Neo4j, as he walks through defining a hierarchy of labels/relationships with KR, an area of AI that enables Explainable Inferences and how to use KR in the form of Ontologies in Neo4j.

Graph Algorithms: Predict Real World Behavior

My personal favorite, though I attended GraphTour San Francisco 2018 in person. I was just starting a new job at Neo4j and it was powerful for me to watch Amy Hodler and Jennifer Reif drop graph knowledge on stage as they presented to a room largely full of men. I knew I’d just signed up to work for a really exciting, forward-thinking company, and not a day that’s passed has made me feel otherwise. Women in tech, get uplifted!

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