Top 10 Sessions From NODES 2023

On October 26, several thousand graphistas worldwide came together at NODES 2023 to learn from one another and more than 90 graph experts. Over the 20 hours of NODES 2023, we accumulated a whopping 492 days of watch time.

Thank you all for participating and once again making NODES a friendly, open, and educative experience for everyone.

If that 5 a.m. session was too early for you or you missed a session in the Visualization Track, we’ve got you covered. All sessions are available to watch now. If this playlist with over 100 videos seems a bit much, we’ve collected the best-rated and attended sessions for you below.

  1. Create Graph Dashboards With LLM-Powered Natural Language Queries

    Niels de Jong, Consulting Engineer at Neo4j

    Niels demonstrates using NeoDash and OpenAI to create Neo4j dashboards with natural language.

  2. Create Awesome Graph Visualizations From Your Data

    Sebastian Müller, CTO of yWorks

    Sebastian delves into various methods for generating impressive graph visualizations from the data in your Neo4j databases.

  3. Graphs Enabling Glycoscience

    Karina Isla-Rios, PhD InterVenn BioSciences & Alex Jarasch, Field Engineer at Neo4j

    Karina and Alex describe how graphs represent clinically meaningful glycomics data and how Neo4j helps manage complex biological data collections to help fight cancer.

  4. Better Integration Tests for Neo4j Applications With Test Containers

    Oleg Šelajev, Developer Advocate at Atomicjar

    Oleg explores how Testcontainers libraries allow you to programmatically create, manage life cycle, and configure ephemeral instances of Neo4j.

  5. Fluffy and Fido on the Go: Applying Graph Data and AI to Hack Pet Travel

    Mark Heckler, Sultan of Spring Microsoft & Jennifer Reif, Developer Advocate at Neo4j

    Mark & Jennifer guide you on leveraging publicly-available data to locate pet-friendly accommodations, store this information in Neo4j, and combine Neo4j with Artificial Intelligence to find ideal places for you and your pet to stay, dine, and enjoy.

  6. Improving Data Quality With Cypher Types

    Gem Lamont & Louise Söderström, Engineers at Neo4j

    Cypher Engineers Gem and Louise introduce you to Cypher Types and how to work with the new Type Constraints and Type Predicate Expressions.

  7. Unleash the Magic of User-Defined Procedures

    Elena Kohlwey, Specialist Digital Engineering at RLE International

    Elena demonstrates why and how user-defined procedures can be helpful.

  8. Re-Inventing Cypher Editing: Neo4j Meets Language Servers

    Oskar Damkjær & Nacho Cordon, Engineers at Neo4j

    Nacho and Oskar show you a collection of new open-source tools: a language server, a standalone library, and a web editor seamlessly integrated into Neo4j Workspace today and perhaps in your project tomorrow.

  9. Streamline Your Development With GitHub Actions: Build, Test, and Deploy Custom Neo4j Code

    Chris Zirkel, Co-Founder of

    Chris shows how to create a GitHub Actions workflow that runs on every commit and pushes to your GitHub repository, enabling you to automate the build, testing, and deployment of your latest changes.

  10. Ingesting Graph Data With Nodestream

    Zach Probst, Senior Software Engineer at Intuit Platform Security

    Zach walks you through getting started with Nodestream to build a real-world graph application from scratch.

Bonus: Neo4j’s Product Vision and Roadmap

Sudhir Hasbe, CPO of Neo4j

Sudhir introduces the Neo4j Product Vision and Roadmap and announces new product capabilities.

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