This Week in Neo4j – 8 July 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

Every since Cristina met Max de Marzi in Chicago many years ago she has been the most prolific content creator and editor in or community. Cristina lives and works at her consultancy The SilverLogic in Boca Raton, FL.

Cristina Escalante - This Week's Featured Community Member

Christina authored a several GraphGists, Blog Posts and worked on the React Movie Template application. She also worked on creating and improving many of the developer pages, training materials and featured GraphGists. These days she helps us improve the GraphGist portal.


This week, Neo4j 3.2.2 has been released, containing quite a number of fixes and improvements, in the Browser, Cypher and the import tool.

The drivers team released version 1.4.0 of the JavaScript bolt driver.

Nigel Small the longtime maintainer of py2neo posted a longer Twitter thread on the future of the library that you might be interested in if you used py2neo in the past.

Blogs & Publications

The folks from JPCert show how their impfuzzy tool can be used to cluster and visualize malware variants based on similarity metrics.

And Markus Harrer shares his second post on Mining performance hotspots with JProfiler, jQAssistant, Neo4j and Pandas, this time performing a root cause analysis.

Online Meetup: The whole Blockchain in Neo4j

This week we had Greg Walker explain the workings of blockchains like Bitcoin to us and how to model them as a graph. He actually imported the whole Blockchain into Neo4j creating a huge database, which is powering his learning site

I’m very much looking forward to be able to query and analyze this data in the future, this is just such a great trove of information and insight.

You can find Gregs import code in this repository and watch the video below for all the details.

On GitHub: new shell, Cypher DSLs

Nigel small is working on a new python based neo4j shell, called n4 which takes inspiration from Nicole White’s cycli.

Iian Neill created Neo4jClient-Vector an extension of Neo4jClient with a set of extension methods for generating Cypher patterns. It includes helper methods for more concise queries and a generic pagination method.

Similarly, Mark Jensen, started the Neo4j::Cypher::Abstract project a Cypher DSL for Perl.


Vince Bickers from GraphAware presented the quite powerful DataBridge ETL tool for Neo4j in a webinar last week.

Next Week

What’s happening next week in the world of graph databases?

A really hot topic – natural language understanding (Graph NLU) with Python and Neo4j will be presented by Dan Kondratyuk at next week’s Online Meetup. Don will talk about how he processed natural language facts and stored them in Neo4j to answer natural language questions about those facts using the Facebook bAbI Tasks corpus for training and evaluating the system.

Jonathan Freeman, longtime Neo4j community member and educator will present on a really cool topic in Chicagos Meetup Group on July 13. He’ll demonstrate how to use Neo4j to make sense of the 3M anonymized orders that were put out by InstaCart for data analysis.

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