Graph Database Case Studies


enxchange Transforms the Energy Sector With Graph-Based Digital Twins

Digital Twin


Försäkringskassan Deploys Neo4j to Automate Benefits Payments, Prevent Fraud, and Improve Life for Swedish Citizens

Fraud Detection


SITA Quickly Finds and Returns Lost Items to Airline Passengers With Real-Time Tracking

Track and Trace


Neo4j Keeps Millions of Remote Workers on Citrix Safe, Productive, and Secure

Neo4j for the Enterprise

Transport for London

Transport For London Aims to Cut Congestion by 10% and $750 Million a Year With a Digital Twin Powered by Neo4j

Digital Twin


Elsevier Makes Science Research Accessible in Milliseconds with Neo4j

Graph-Based Search

Basecamp Research

Knowledge Graph

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk: Leveraging the Graph for Clinical Trials and Standards

Knowledge Graph


CSX: Building a Digital Twin of the Largest Railroad in the Eastern U.S. with Neo4j

Digital Twin


Boosting Supply Chain Insight with Neo4j

Supplier Intelligence

Sopra Steria

Graph-Based Network Topology Analysis for Telecommunication Operators

Impact Analysis


The Doctor Is In: FSMB Creates Recommendation Engine to Streamline Medical Licensure

Real-Time Recommendation Engine


Getting to Mars Faster with a Knowledge Graph

Content Management


Full Steam Ahead: OrbitMI’s AI Maritime Routing Engine

AI / Machine Learning


Driving Faster Cash Flow Management with Neo4j

Financial Services


Creating a Modern Solution to Finding What’s Lost with Neo4j

Track and Trace


Many Processes, One Single Source of Truth

Bill of Materials


TODO1 Increases Fraud Detection Rates by 200 Percent with Neo4j

Fraud Detection


Worldline Revolutionizes Train Travel with Neo4j AuraDB

Travel and Hospitality


Orita Powers Customer 360 with AuraDS Resulting in a 500x Increase in Speed

Entity Resolution


COVID-19 Contact Tracing with Neo4j

Track and Trace


Neo4j Drives Recommendations & Website Optimization

Real-Time Recommendation Engine

U.S. Health Insurer

Driving Preventive Care and Patient Journey Visibility

Patient Journey

Department for Education UK

Cloud-Based Graph Technology Drives Efficiencies

Case Study

Zurich Insurance Switzerland

Faster Fraud Investigations with Neo4j

Financial Services


E-Health Company Creates a Knowledge Graph Solution to Help Patients with Chronic Pain


Tourism Media

Tourism Media Automates Travel Content Generation with Neo4j AuraDB to Get an 8x Increase in Productivity

Content Management


Modern Banking Products Fueled by a User-Centric Approach

Financial Services

Japanese Auto Manufacturer

Manufacturer Reduces Time to Market with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph for Unified Testing Data

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Boston Scientific

Graph Data Science Streamlines Complex Medical Supply Chain Analysis

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Custom Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Detailed Visibility into Complex Workflows

Real-Time Recommendation Engine

NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital

NYP Advances Analysis to Track Infections with Neo4j



The World’s Airlines Rely on Graphs to Offer Better Ticket Prices and Travel Options for Customers



Graph Technology Powers Cybersecurity Situational Awareness That’s More Scalable, Flexible & Comprehensive



Machine Learning and Graph Technology Accelerate Medical Research

AI / Machine Learning


Novartis Captures the Latest Biological Knowledge for Drug Discovery


Fortune 200 IT Services Company

Transforms & Accelerates Customer Engagement with Real-Time Matching of Capabilities to Client Needs

Digital Transformation (DX)


Quander Brings Consumer Data to Life for Big-Brand Clients Experimenting with New Immersive Digital Experiences

Case Study


Data Lineage Tool Improves Risk Management, Drives Compliance

Business Intelligence

NBC News

NBC News Analyzes Hundreds of Thousands of Russian Troll Tweets Using Neo4j

Case Study

CAST Software

Graph Technology Fuels Rapid Development of IT Architecture Visibility Solution

Case Study


Monoliths to Microservices: Improving Code Quality with Graph Technology

Case Study


Graph Technology Enhances Gamer Engagement on Faceit

Case Study


Graph Technology Helps Xfinity Create Personalized, Smart Homes

AI / Machine Learning

The ICIJ – Panama Papers

Neo4j Enables Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigation into Global Tax Evasion

Case Study


Neo4j Provides Natural Language Processing at Scale, Making Equipment Repair More Efficient

AI / Machine Learning

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet Chooses Neo4j to Accelerate Clients’ Compliance with Complex Company Ownership Checks

AI / Machine Learning

Ad Tech Agency

Identity Graph Analysis at Scale Provides Ad Tech Agency Customers with Greater ROI

Case Study

Global 50 Bank

How Graph Technology & AI Helped a Global 50 Bank Lend in Latin America

AI / Machine Learning

Perform Media

A Graph-Powered Single Customer View Improves Data Monetization

Case Study


Money Laundering Prevention with Neo4j

Case Study


Digitate, a TCS Venture, Selects Neo4j to Power Its Flagship AI Product

AI / Machine Learning


Real-Time Graph Analysis of Documents Saves Company Over 4 Million Employee Hours

Case Study

Lockheed Martin Space

From Scientists to Satellites: Lockheed Martin Tackles Disparate Life Cycle Data with a Product 360 System

AI / Machine Learning


Neo4j Powers Intelligent Commerce for eBay App on Google Assistant


German Centre for Diabetes Research (DZD)

Knowledge Graph-Powered Diabetes Research

Case Study


Gousto Is Using Graph Technology to Personalise Its Ingredient Lists

Real-Time Recommendation Engine


Investor IQT Uses Neo4j to Help U.S. Intelligence Agencies Find the Best Cutting-Edge Technology

Real-Time Recommendation Engine

U.S. Army

Neo4j Keeps the Army Running by Tracking Equipment Maintenance



Neo4j Helps Photo Organization Service Monetize Relationships in 1.2 Petabytes of Data

Product Catalog


Fast-Track Content Management Application Development with Neo4j

Master Data Management

Fortune 50 Retailer

Neo4j Transforms Performance of Global Retailer’s Website after Cyber Monday Failings

Real-Time Recommendation Engine

Fortune 200 Hospitality Company

Fortune 200 Hospitality Company Uses Neo4j to Fight Off Airbnb and

Real-Time Recommendation Engine

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Real-Time Graph Analysis Creates Potential for Millions in Fraud Detection Savings

Fraud Detection


Neo4j Enables Hästens to Create 360-Degree View of Customers & Drive Ecommerce Worldwide

Master Data Management

Candiolo Cancer Institute (IRCC)

Flexible Data Models Provide Life-Saving Insights into Complex Cancer Research Data

Master Data Management


WDS Revamps Its Resource for Wine Professionals in Less Than Four Months

Master Data Management


Neo4j Provides Musimap with a Real-Time Recommendation and Search Engine for the Music Industry

Real-Time Recommendation Engine


A Fluid Technical Transition to Digitalization in the Printing Industry with Neo4j

Network and IT Operations


Transparency-One Offers Total Supply Chain Transparency to Large Retailers and Manufacturers with Neo4j

Graph-Based Search


Neo4j Frees Travelers to Wanderu Across America

Real-Time Recommendation Engine


migRaven Makes Access Rights Migration Simple and Quick with Neo4j

Identity and Access Management


megree chooses Neo4j for its scalability, REST API and high availability

Social Network

Die Bayerische

A clear overview of all contract information thanks to Neo4j

Master Data Management


Wazoku integrates Neo4j seamlessly in its polyglot solution

Real-Time Recommendation Engine

The ICIJ – Swiss Leaks Story

How the ICIJ Used Graph Database Technology to Uncover the Swiss Leaks Story

Fraud Detection


Companies and Their Economic Connections Are More Transparent Thanks to Big Data Intelligence

Business Intelligence


Telenor Resource Authorization Challenge Solved with the Neo4j Graph Database

Identity and Access Management


Next-Gen Master Data Management Comes to Marketing at Precisely

Master Data Management

Global 500 Logistics

Transforming Logistics: Real-time Routing and Tracking with Neo4j