Delivering the Most Compelling Customer Experience with the Most Relevant Content

The Challenge

With such a vast global audience, the adidas Group wanted to step up its game by offering a more personalized experience to its online shoppers. Yet, as with many large retailers, the Group was beset by a wide array of information silos, including data about products, markets, social media, master data, digital assets, brand content and other key areas. “We have many different silos, many different data domains, and in order to make sense out of our data, we needed to bring those together and make them useful for us,” said Senior Project Manager Sokratis Kartelias.

On the technical level, data models didn’t align between the information silos, and there wasn’t a standard, consistent way to communicate between the different data domains. Without a way to effectively consolidate such data, the Group felt it was missing out on opportunities to provide the most compelling and relevant content to its consumers, as well as offering enhanced product recommendations to drive more revenue.

The Solution

In order to build the Shared Metadata Service, Kartelias turned to Neo4j. The Neo4j graph database proved to the be the ideal technology for creating the Service, offering access and searchability to all data, along with support for new emerging services.

In order to implement the Shared Metadata Service on Neo4j, Kartelias first had to unify the different models between content, product data and master data. With the help of Neo4j consultants, Kartelias’ team was able to define an optimal data model that connected all three domains, relating information as diverse as marketing campaigns, product specifications, contracted athletes and associated teams, sports categories, gender information and more.

With the initial project now complete, Kartelias and his team are continuously integrating the Shared Metadata Service with new sources and clients, enabling the adidas Group to deliver the most compelling customer experience to their online shoppers with the right content at the right time.

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