Transforms & Accelerates Customer Engagement with Real-Time Matching of Capabilities to Client Needs

The Challenge

In a crowded market, the Fortune 200 IT Services Company is continuously looking for new ways to differentiate its proposition to customers. It has an impressive back catalog of existing digital transformation projects, which it wanted to be able to exploit more readily to win business.

“We had limited visibility of what we had delivered before,” they said. “But we needed to do more than simply list everything in a database. We wanted to be able to map and match capabilities onto what we were hearing from the client, and what they were saying in their strategy papers and company reports, to present the ideal recommendation and create the most effective transformation roadmap – and do this in real time, in client meetings.”

The Solution

As a pioneering IT company, they were already aware of the potential power of graph-based data modeling for representing and analyzing complex data relationships.

A technology paper convinced them that Neo4j’s particular take on graph technology, its scalability and capacity would be ideal for cross-analyzing and matching the IT company’s credentials to new clients’ needs in real time. Meanwhile, the ability to drill down into existing solutions, to identify the building blocks for new projects, would help accelerate delivery.

After looking at alternative options, including creating data visualizations on top of a traditional relational database, the Fortune 200 IT Services Company persuaded the financial stakeholders that only Neo4j had the power, capacity and scale to represent the millions of data relationships they wanted to model and cross-analyze.

“Neo4j stood apart as having the capabilities and capacity we needed,” said the IT company.

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