Neo4j Decreases Development Time-to-Market for LinkedIn’s Chitu App

The Challenge

LinkedIn as a social network for professionals is geared mostly towards English-speaking international users with advanced careers looking to further expand their networks globally. But the company noticed a large, untapped market: young professionals in China who were new to the workforce.

To reach this demographic, the company launched Chitu which seeks to engage jobseekers through a game-like user interface that is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Not unlike LinkedIn, the tool provides users with the opportunities to grow their networks via connections and direct messaging, but also provides opportunities for in-person meetings and networking events.

But Chitu is not the first — or only — professional networking tool for young professionals in China. For this reason, company leadership knew that getting the application up and running as quickly as possible would be crucial if they wanted to be able to capture a sizeable portion of the market.

“The challenge was speed,” said Dong Bin, Manager of Development at Chitu. “Due to the rate of growth we saw from our competitors in the Chinese market, we knew that we had to launch Chitu as quickly as possible.”

And because their application would be open to a huge number of workers, Chitu also had to be ready to handle rapid growth both in terms of number of users and available features.

The Solution

Neo4j was the missing piece for Chitu. The engineering team immediately noticed the difference in Neo4j’s processing speed, especially related to MySQL, and programming was incredibly easy. Queries can now be performed in record time, and the company was able to launch the first version of its application in only four months.

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