migRaven Makes Access Rights Migration Simple and Quick with Neo4j

The Challenge

With a long history working with file server migration, the founding team behind migRaven was all too familiar with the challenges behind authorization and access control migration within network administration. With numerous pain points in allocating access rights to new structures, along with applying Microsoft guidelines, administrators require an ample amount of time to reassign authorized access to each individual within a company.

The Solution

migRaven was created with Neo4j as the backend, to store access rights, directory and account data to scan, map and process access rights dependencies. Storing this data in a graph database allows these processes to be reorganized quickly and efficiently. Neo4j offers an easy way to handle complicated, elaborate rights allocation, and restructuration tasks are diminished as Neo4j provides an easy overview, analysis and application to access right management.

Existing expensive access right management solutions based on relational database engines have difficulty in processing big data and analyzing large networks. An access right’s query in relational database has to follow all the paths among the tables, as a simple match command in the graph database shows you immediately the account relationships (its nodes and edges).

Saving and requesting the data in Neo4j allows migRaven to be much faster and powerful towards other access rights management offerings.

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