Wazoku integrates Neo4j seamlessly in its polyglot solution

The Challenge

Most businesses agree that their employees are not only valuable, but that they set a company apart from competitors. Beyond their day to day contribution, employees have a lot more to give.

Wazoku is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product for the capture of employee ideas and innovation with social collaboration features for idea evaluation. Wazoku is directed toward companies that are spread across locations, or for a large organization where people can be “silo-ed,” and lack an easy route to contact another department.

Robert Rees, CTO, describes Wazoku as an “intimate data company that focuses on teasing out the intricacies of data.”

When he visualized Wazoku’s data, he expressed it as a network, and looked to use Neo4j for its ability to handle connected, complex data.

The Solution

Wazoku uses a polyglot solution, and Neo4j was implemented to handle the complexity of the data. It also seamlessly integrated with other databases to provide the best solution for Rees and the development team.

At present, Wazoku uses Neo4j for its recommendations and managing how the data is related. Once the results of the graph were reflected back, Rees commented on “the resounding clarity to how relationships are connected.”

In the future, Wazoku hopes to find more subtle relationships within the graph, to discover links within peripheries of ideas that will take the power of Wazoku’s data to the next level.

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