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Fully managed cloud service
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Neo4j Aura is the fully managed graph data platform service in the cloud. Aura empowers developers and data scientists to quickly build scalable, AI-driven applications and analyze big data with algorithms without the hassle of managing infrastructure. Built on the same battle-tested and trusted Neo4j graph database, Aura is fast, automated, secure, and highly available for your most critical production needs.

Neo4j Aura includes AuraDB for applications and AuraDS for data science.

For Applications

Neo4j AuraDB is the fully automated, always-on, and scalable graph database as a service for developers building modern applications. AuraDB delivers lightning-fast queries, real-time insights, built-in developer tools, and data visualization.

Neo4j AuraDB is available in a variety of plans, including a forever-free tier. AuraDB is available on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. See pricing page for details.

Ideal for:

Developers building a cloud-based application and who need a fully managed, scalable, and always-on graph database service.

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For Data Science

Neo4j AuraDS is a fully managed data science as a service solution based on Neo4j Graph Data Science. It helps data scientists build predictive models and analytics workflows. This connected data analysis platform unifies the machine learning (ML) surface and graph database into a single workspace, making it easy to uncover the connections in big data and answer business-critical questions. Data scientists can analyze relationships using a library of 65+ pretuned algorithms, data preparation techniques, and graph-native ML to improve models and predictions.

Neo4j AuraDS is available on GCP. See pricing page for details.

Ideal for:

Data scientists building predictive models and analytics workflows who need a fully managed data science service in the cloud.

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Fully automated with zero administration
On-demand scalability
secure, durable, and reliable
Simple, consumption-based pricing

Cloud Marketplace:

Neo4j Aura is available* via your cloud platform marketplace and provides an integrated service experience across management, billing, and support. Simplify your procurement, get a unified cloud bill, and use your cloud provider spending commitments towards Neo4j usage.

*Refer to pricing on cloud platform support for product tiers

Managed Service

Neo4j Cloud Managed Services (CMS)

Neo4j Cloud Managed Services (English | French) delivers an enterprise-grade, white-glove managed service. While Neo4j experts manage your day-to-day operations, service and support of your Neo4j deployment, you can focus on building innovative graph-powered solutions and insights.

Ideal For:

Enterprises who wish to run a Neo4j database in their own cloud infrastructure but need a qualified team of experts to manage it for them so they stay focused on their core business operations.

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Focus on innovation while we manage your database operations
Achieve faster time-to-value with experts managing your environment from day one
Reduce your risk and meet security, compliance and business continuity needs
Accelerate your cloud journey by enabling a fully managed enterprise cloud environment within days


Neo4j Self-Managed in Cloud

Deploy a Neo4j database on the major cloud platform of your choosing, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. This allows you to leverage your custom cloud configuration and security (virtual private cloud, bring-your-own-key/license), and integrate it with the cloud services you need for your most important graph workloads.

Ideal For:

Customers who have cloud and Neo4j administration skills and want maximum control over their operating environment. 24x7 support is available as an additional service.

Customers who have cloud and Neo4j administration skills and want maximum control over their operating environment. 24x7 support is available as an additional service.

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Cloud Marketplace:

For the four main cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal/VMWare) we offer a variety of packaging and deployment options for your self-managed Neo4j Enterprise cluster. From VMs on each Marketplace to packaged containers and also Kubernetes support for each K8S runtime using our Helm chart.

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