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// npm install --save neo4j-driver
// node example.js

const neo4j = require('neo4j-driver')
const driver = neo4j.driver("neo4j+s://:", neo4j.auth.basic("", ""));

const query = `
MATCH (actor:Person
{ name: $actorName})-[:ACTED_IN]->(:Movie) < -[:ACTED_IN] - (p: Person)
RETURN as coActorName
const params = { actorName: "Tom Hanks" };

try {
    const { records } = await driver.executeQuery(query, params, { 
        database: 'neo4j'
    records.forEach(record => console.log(record.get("coActorName")));
} catch (error) {
} finally {
    await driver.close()
# pip3 install neo4j
# python3

from neo4j import GraphDatabase

cypher_query = """
MATCH (actor:Person {name: $actorName})-[:ACTED_IN]->(:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(p: Person)
RETURN as coActorName

with GraphDatabase.driver(
    auth=("", "")
) as driver:
    result = driver.execute_query(
        actorName="Tom Hanks",
    for record in result.records:

# (see also
// install a recent version of Go
// run: go mod init
// paste the code in main.go
// update the connection URI and credentials
// run: go run main.go

package main

import (

func main() {
   driver, err := neo4j.NewDriverWithContext("neo4j://:",
      neo4j.BasicAuth("", "", ""))
   if err != nil {
   defer handleClose(driver)

   ctx := context.Background() // learn more about contexts in
   names, err := runQuery(ctx, driver)
   if err != nil {
   fmt.Printf(" - %s\n", strings.Join(names, "\n - "))

func runQuery(ctx context.Context, driver neo4j.DriverWithContext) ([]string, error) {
   result, err := neo4j.ExecuteQuery(ctx,
      `MATCH (actor:Person {name: $actorName})-[:ACTED_IN]->(:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(p:Person)
      RETURN as coActorName`,
      map[string]any{"actorName": "Tom Hanks"},
   if err != nil {
      return nil, err

   names := make([]string, len(result.Records))
   for i, record := range result.Records {
      name, _, err := neo4j.GetRecordValue[string](record, "coActorName")
      if err != nil {
         return nil, err
      names[i] = name
   return names, nil

func handleClose(closer interface{ Close(context.Context) error }) {
   if err := closer.Close(context.Background()); err != nil {
// Download the latest version of the Neo4j Java Driver along with the compatible version of Reactive Streams into your working directory.

// To download the latest version of the Neo4j Java Driver:
// 1. Navigate to the following URL
// 2. Click Versions and then Browse next to the latest driver version.
// 3. Download the latest neo4j-java-driver-all jar.

// To download the compatible version of Reactive Streams:
// 1. Navigate to the following URL
// 2. Click Dependencies and find reactive-streams.
// 3. Note the version and click View all.
// 4. Click Browse next to the noted version.
// 5. Download the latest reactive-streams jar.

// Follow the steps below to run the example code:
// 1. Make a new directory and place the downloaded jars there.
// 2. Copy and paste the code below into a file named ``.
// 3. Enter the information for the AuraDB instance you want to connect to by replacing:
// `:` with the AuraDB host and port.
// `` with the username.
// `` with the password.
// 4. Use the following command to compile the java file, replacing `` with your installed driver version:
// javac -cp neo4j-java-driver-all-.jar
// 5. Use the following command to run the example code, replacing `` with your installed driver version and `` with your installed Reactive Streams version:
// java -cp neo4j-java-driver-all-.jar:reactive-streams-.jar:. Example

import org.neo4j.driver.AuthTokens;
import org.neo4j.driver.GraphDatabase;
import org.neo4j.driver.QueryConfig;

import java.util.Map;

public class Example {
    public static void main(String... args) {
        var authToken = AuthTokens.basic("", "");
        try (var driver = GraphDatabase.driver("neo4j+s://:", authToken)) {
            var queryConfig = QueryConfig.builder()
            var result = driver.executableQuery("""
                            MATCH (actor:Person {name: $actorName})-[:ACTED_IN]->(:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(p:Person)
                            RETURN as coActorName""")
                    .withParameters(Map.of("actorName", "Tom Hanks"))
            result.records().forEach(record -> System.out.println(record.get("coActorName").asString()));
  "coActorName" : [
    "Gary Sinise",
    "Kevin Bacon",
    "Bill Paxton",
    "Parker Posey",
    "Greg Kinnear",
    "Meg Ryan",
    "Steve Zahn",
    "Dave Chappelle",
    "Rosie O'Donnell",
    "Geena Davis",
    "Bill Paxton",
    "Lori Petty",
    "Nathan Lane",
    "Meg Ryan",
    "Liv Tyler",
    "Charlize Theron",
    "Ian McKellen",
    "Audrey Tautou",
    "Paul Bettany",
    "Jim Broadbent",
    "Halle Berry",
    "Hugo Weaving",
    "Helen Hunt",
    "Sam Rockwell",
    "Bonnie Hunt",
    "Patricia Clarkson",
    "James Cromwell",
    "Michael Clarke Duncan",
    "David Morse",
    "Gary Sinise",
    "Meg Ryan",
    "Victor Garber",
    "Bill Pullman",
    "Rita Wilson",
    "Rosie O'Donnell",
    "Julia Roberts",
    "Philip Seymour Hoffman",

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