Early Access Program

AuraDS for Data Science

Neo4j Aura for Data Science (AuraDS) is the easiest way to get started with graph data science workloads in the cloud. We’re inviting a limited number of users to start using AuraDS now.

Neo4j Aura for Data Science Software

Specialized Neo4j AuraDS instances for data science use cases with more computational power

Run 8 to 256GB of RAM with included storage (storage is equal to double the RAM)

Get started quickly with an experience specifically tailored for data science

Pay less for paused instances and resume whenever you’re ready to do work

Eliminate maintenance hassles with fully managed updates and security patches.

Enterprise version of Neo4j Graph Data Science Library

Gain over 60+ Graph Data Science Algorithms in six different categories

Experiment and iterate quickly with unlimited in-graph ML models and model persistence

Experience enterprise performance with unlimited algorithm parallelization

Get the latest algorithms and ML capabilities with access to continual updates ahead of general availability

Neo4j Bloom Client (and Browser)

Quickly explore your graph with a natural type-to-search interface

Inspect and edit data elements including properties, relationships and adjacent neighbors

More easily traverse complicated graphs with user-controlled path expansion

Customize visualizations with data-driven styling to present your analysis

Additional Program Benefits

Get early access to a cloud platform and tools specifically tuned for running graph data science workloads

Get a sneak-peek of upcoming product updates and future plans

Spend time with Neo4j experts to review your different use cases

Influence future product enhancements that improve your experience

Simple and Predictable


AuraDS pricing is calculated based on the RAM per hour needed for your workload and whether the instance is running or paused.

  • For running instances, the rate is $0.125 USD per GB per hour
  • For paused instances, the rate is $0.025 USD per GB per hour
The below illustrates the size increments available.

CPU Ram Storage Running Instance
$USD per Hour
Paused Instance
$USD per Hour
2 8GB 16GB $1.00 $.20
3 16GB 32GB $2.00 $.40
5 24GB 48GB $3.00 $.60
6 32GB 64GB $4.00 $.80
10 48GB 96GB $6.00 $1.20
12 64GB 128GB $8.00 $1.60
20 96GB 192GB $12.00 $2.40
30 128GB 256GB $16.00 $3.20
36 192GB 384GB $24.00 $4.80
48 256GB 512GB $32.00 $6.40

Example Calculation

Running Instance

As an example, if you create an 8 GB instance and have it running for 4 hours, that’s 32 GB-hours at the “running instance” rate of $0.125.

8 GB x 4 hours = 32 GB-hours
32 GB-hours x $0.125 USD = $4.00 USD

Paused Instance

If you then pause that 8GB instance for 10 hours, that’s 80 GB-hours at the lower “paused instance” rate of $0.025.

8 GB x 10 hours = 80 GB-hours
80 GB-hours x $0.025 USD = $2.00 USD


For an 8 GB instance that was running for 4 hours and paused for 10 hours, the total cost comes out to:

= $6.00 USD

AuraDS Feature List


Instance Size 8-256GB (RAM)
Automated Updates and Patches
Self Healing
Cloud Tenancy multi-tenant
Cloud Provider GCP

Tools, Integrations and Ecosystem

Graph Data Science
Neo4j Browser
Neo4j Bloom
Neo4j Spark Connector
Neo4j Kafka Connector


On-demand point-in-time snapshots
Backup Retention Forever


Encryption (at rest, in transit)

Pricing and Usage

Capacity-based consumption pricing model
Payment Pay-as-you-go with credit card
Terms of Service Click-through

Customer Support

Support Best Effort

Billing and Payments

Step 1

Provide billing and credit card info when creating your first instance.

Step 2

Your card will be charged at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s usage.

Step 3

An invoice will be emailed to you as well as be available via the AuraDS console.

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