Graph Data Science as a Service

The world’s only fully managed graph data science engine that improves predictions and ML models at scale to get data science projects to production faster.

New to Graph Data Science?

Neo4j Graph Data Science is designed to quickly take your graph analysis from proof of concept to production. You can now answer business critical questions without interrupting your data pipeline.

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Built for Data Scientists

Get started quickly with familiar open source languages and libraries to deliver the actionable insights you need.

Make Better Predictions

Use your own data sources, plus our 65+ pretuned graph algorithms, to uncover hidden data relationships for smarter predictions.

Easy Data Integration

Our native connectors and extensions seamlessly operate with your existing data stacks and data pipelines.

Production Ready

Focus more on getting data science projects adopted and less on database administration with fully managed AuraDS.

Fully Managed
Graph Analytics and ML Engine

AuraDS is a fully managed graph analytics and ML engine that handles database administration needs so data scientists are free to focus on their primary projects for faster results.

AuraDS is offered in two flavors: AuraDS Professional and AuraDS Enterprise.

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Run between 8 and 96GB of RAM. Includes storage that is equal to double the RAM.

Save 80% when instances are paused. Resume whenever you’re ready to do work.

Eliminate maintenance hassles with fully managed updates and security patches.

Collaborate and work seamlessly across Neo4j Aura, cloning data between AuraDB and AuraDS.

  • “We chose Neo4j Graph Data Science on Aura because it is a completely managed, cloud-based infrastructure combined with an elegant and user friendly set of tools with an extensive library of production-ready data science algorithms that gives us confidence in our platform and allows us to focus on our data and application development.”

    Matthew Bernardini, CEO

  • "Our transition from Graph Data Science on prem to the as-a-service offer was seamless. With such a small team it is a huge benefit not to have to manage the instance ourselves and do the devops and IT management pieces - AuraDS takes care of all of that so we can focus on solving problems for our customers."

    Daniel Brady, CEO

  • "Being able to dynamically scale and manage compute costs was a key consideration when selecting Neo4j AuraDS"

    Mike Morley - Director AI/ML Technology, Arcurve

Simple and Predictable

AuraDS Professional Pricing*

AuraDS pricing is calculated based on the RAM per hour needed for your workload and whether the instance is running or paused.

  • For running instances, the rate is $0.125 USD per GB per hour
  • For paused instances, the rate is $0.025 USD per GB per hour
The below illustrates the size increments available in AuraDS Professional.

CPU Ram Storage Running Instance
$USD per Hour*
Paused Instance
$USD per Hour*
2 8GB 16GB $1.00 $.20
3 16GB 32GB $2.00 $.40
5 24GB 48GB $3.00 $.60
6 32GB 64GB $4.00 $.80
10 48GB 96GB $6.00 $1.20
12 64GB 128GB $8.00 $1.60
20 96GB 192GB $12.00 $2.40

Example Calculation

Running Instance

As an example, if you create an 8 GB instance and have it running for 4 hours, that’s 32 GB-hours at the “running instance” rate of $0.125.

8 GB x 4 hours = 32 GB-hours
32 GB-hours x $0.125 USD = $4.00 USD
Paused Instance

If you then pause that 8GB instance for 10 hours, that’s 80 GB-hours at the lower “paused instance” rate of $0.025.

8 GB x 10 hours = 80 GB-hours
80 GB-hours x $0.025 USD = $2.00 USD


For an 8 GB instance that was running for 4 hours and paused for 10 hours, the total cost comes out to $6.00*.

= $6.00 USD*

*Sales tax may be applied to all orders shipping to MA, NY, TN, TX or WA, and this amount will be updated and added to your order total once you have entered your shipping address. If you are located elsewhere, your jurisdiction may require you to report this purchase and pay the appropriate taxes directly.

Billing and Payments


Provide billing and credit card information when creating your first instance.


Your card will be charged at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s usage.


An invoice will be emailed to you as well as be available via the AuraDS console.


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