Leading Brands Trust Neo4j AuraDB

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world's largest brand-name apparel companies and a global leader in jeanswear. With agility and sustainability as one of their core company values, Levi's wanted a service that matches their data-first, analytics-first mindset. Debdulal Mahanty, Director, Digital Technologies of Levi Strauss & Co., explained why Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise was chosen to drive agility, sustainability, and product development efficiencies.

"Neo4j has been our partner in digital transformation for almost three years, during which we have deployed six impactful applications to streamline our go-to-market processes. At Levi Strauss & Co., we have a passion for solving challenging business problems and increasing our agility across our operations. With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, we're able to reduce application build time and take advantage of the power of self-service databases with none of the database management overhead."

ADEO is the European DIY leader and the third largest DIY market player in the world. Gaëtan Belbeoch, Head of Omnicommerce Digital Experience at ADEO shared what made them choose Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise for its eCommerce real-time recommendation and merchandising engine.

“Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is allowing us to realize our vision to build a knowledge graph that unifies all product knowledge to improve our retail recommendations, search and merchandising,” Gaëtan said. “Our trust in Neo4j’s ability to manage and run the graph database to meet our SLA agreements, in addition to the company’s deep experience in powering complex knowledge graphs and delivering real-time recommendations, were what attracted us to AuraDB. We are happy to start a strong partnership with Neo4j and develop a close collaboration between our tech teams."

BOSA - FOD Beleid en Ondersteuning, is a Belgian federal government partner that provides management and oversight of IT, HR and organizational management of public contracts as well as budget and accounting control. Godefroid Drugman, Project Manager eGovernment explained why BOSA chose Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to build a knowledge graph that manages contract and regulatory data across the government.

“Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise was a strategic choice to complete the data infrastructure for the Belgian Federal Government,” said Drugman. “We’re leveraging the fully managed convenience of AuraDB to provide a single view across all applications and promote greater collaboration. We knew we needed a tool that allows us to move quickly and flexibly to keep up with changing regulations and needs. With AuraDB, we receive all of the benefits of Neo4j without having to manage and monitor our graph database.”

Apiax is a Swiss RegTech company that builds digital solutions to help financial institutions navigate and comply with complex regulations around the globe. Thomas Suter, CTO and Co-founder of Apiax explained why Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise was chosen to support a growing product portfolio that encompasses data transfer, tax impact, cross-border compliance and client on-boarding.

“We selected Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to allow us to turn complex banking regulations into a set of machine-readable rules,” said Suter. “We use Neo4j to automate the digitization of compliance laws. This equips our clients with binary answers to their most pressing legal questions. We are a small team of innovators, running most of our workload on AWS, so AuraDB Enterprise enables us to run our Neo4j instance with zero maintenance, allowing us to fully focus on our clients.”

Boston Scientific is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical devices and solutions for patients, doctors, and hospitals around the world. Dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality assurance, Eric Wespi, Data Scientist at Boston Scientific turned to Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to help map the intricate data across their many complex supply chains and processes.

“We’ve used Neo4j to track and analyze our manufacturing data for several years,” said Wespi. “The schema flexibility and analytical capabilities of Neo4j allow us to see relationships between manufacturing batches that simply would not be possible with other tools. Deploying this project on Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise will allow us to focus our efforts on optimizing our models and staying focused on quality control analytics, knowing that the management of our graph database is under control."

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The Department for Education (DfE) is a department of Her Majesty's Government, responsible for child protection, education, apprenticeships and wider skills in England. Luke Slowen, Enterprise Architect at DfE, shared his reasons for selecting Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise.

“The Department for Education delivers critical services across the education sector, for which we depend on a complex IT infrastructure composed of multiple business systems, services, applications and components,” said Slowen. “Our Neo4j graph creates a shared view of our service landscape, which we use to find ways to reuse capability, improve usability and rationalise, delivering better value services for our users. Neo4j AuraDB helps us visualise our data and the opportunities in one place, so we can focus our efforts on streamlining our service delivery and operations.”

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Dun & Bradstreet provides commercial data, analytics and insights for businesses spanning various sizes and sectors internationally. Matthew Voss, Identity Insights Leader at Dun & Bradstreet, explained how his team leverages Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to support their business strategies.

“We use Neo4j to support our identity insights business, including linked and matched data,” said Voss. “Neo4j helps us to answer questions that span connected data in real time, including Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) information. Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise aligns well with Dun & Bradstreet’s cloud strategy and helps us to deliver the deep knowledge our clients need to take intelligent actions based on timely compliance decisions.”

Lucinity is an anti-money laundering software company that bridges the gap between AI and analysts, to help banks fight against the ever-evolving threat of money laundering across the world. Gudmundur Kristjansson, the CEO of Lucinity, explained how Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise helps his team to deliver on what he describes as "human AI to make money good."

“At Lucinity, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology to help our clients solve one of the toughest problems faced by banks today – maintaining customer satisfaction while also rooting out the bad actors,” Kristjansson said. “Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise allows us to leverage the full power of native graph technology – from finding and predicting fraud patterns, to delivering the latest analytical and AI techniques to our clients. AuraDB’s ability to flex capacity based on usage, together with its fully managed simplicity and predictable cost, ensure we stay agile to meet the needs of our growing business."

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The scientific study of human behavior is a central component of Maritz’ DNA and ingrained in the design of the company’s solutions. Brian Birk, Managing Architect of Maritz Motivation explained why Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise was chosen to help uncover valuable connections in behavioral science for the company’s Fortune 500 clients.

“Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise helps us to efficiently scale usage based upon client demand,” said Birk. “The managed service convenience of AuraDB helps us to leverage the power of Neo4j, while addressing the performance issues we experienced with our prior SQL based solution. We can now support our vendor application, communication tools and our data science team for the automotive industry with fully managed convenience without sacrificing performance.”

Ivan Zasarsky, Partner - Financial Crime Practice Leader at PwC Canada and Global Financial Crime Team Member has over 25 years of resident and global experience in leading surveillance and monitoring program transformation and operation. He explained why Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise was chosen to support the Next Gen detection of fraud and anti-money laundering use cases.

“Our clients expect cloud deployment options to solve their most pressing data and analytics problems, making Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise an important choice,” Zasarsky said. “With AuraDB, we are able to drive our fraud and anti-money laundering detection strategy, enabling our team to focus on rapid prototyping of connected data for each unique use case, as opposed to spending time on administrative tasks. At PwC, we prioritize the unique needs of our clients, including the largest national and global banks. AuraDB lives up to the assurance, trust and security demanded by highly regulated sectors.”

The Orchard is a leading music distribution company in the music industry, revolutionizing the way artists market, distribute and monetize their content. Jacob Fowler, Chief Technology Officer at The Orchard explained why his team has chosen to partner with Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to support their complex user permissions and metadata modeling architecture.

“We recognized from the start that our business needed to solve a connected data problem – the management of complex interrelationships between artists, albums, sound recordings, labels, managers and employees, making this partnership with Neo4j a perfect fit,” said Fowler. “With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, we’ve built a scalable, cloud-based knowledge graph to visualize, analyze and navigate the way our organization manages its various interconnected entities. Now, we can effectively manage our costs with transparent pricing, leaving us free to focus on our efforts on running our business, not running a graph database.”

Aker BP ASA is a cutting-edge oil and gas provider based in Norway, and is currently a leader in the industry for digital transformation initiatives.

“Aker BP has entered into a contract with Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to deliver a cloud based graph database service with the required support, availability and security. Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is used to leverage data insights to reduce risk and automate subsea operations.”

Worldline is the leading payment processor in Europe, offering digital payments, transactional and e-ticketing services in over 50 countries for physical and online businesses, banks and public agencies. Adrian Hepworth, Chief Architect UK&I at Worldline explained why they chose Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise to build a journey planner that spans UK travel operators.

“Using a graph database is a natural fit for journey planning and modelling of transport networks, their resources, operational planning and most importantly the customer experience. Worldline has chosen Neo4j to support the sophisticated and highly performant path-finding algorithms needed to search and traverse the UK travel network. Worldline are experts in cloud deployment of enterprise class systems, and chose the latest Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise offering based upon our security, integrity, flexibility, availability and scalability needs.“

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Tourism Media is an SMB with a lean, in-house team and an extended collection of editors, writers, and photographers around the globe. Seeking to bring better travel content to the online space, the Tourism Media team offers diverse services to their clients – ranging from original videos, photography, and written content to entire content management and delivery systems. The company’s clientele includes travel industry giants.

Tourism Media chose Neo4j AuraDB for multiple reasons. “It’s the reliability, the confidence that it’s always available and the fact that it’s fully-managed,” said Franklin. “There is a good support team behind it, and it’s continuing to move forward. That makes AuraDB very compelling."

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Founded in Thailand, Amity caters to over 10 million monthly active users globally. Amity delivers more than 3 billion messages per month for hundreds of large enterprises worldwide. The fast-growing scaleup recorded a 200% year-on-year growth during 2020-21, with its sights set on rapid expansions in the U.S. and Europe buoyed by marquee client wins. It is also one of the first in APAC to adopt Neo4j’s Aura Enterprise – a fully managed graph database as a service.

"We’re thrilled to collaborate with Neo4j. We believe that Neo4j’s expertise in graph data platform will be instrumental in delivering new valuable products for our customers. Choosing Neo4j as our sole social graph database platform will warrant deeper, actionable insights for our clients, enriching social engagement with their audiences. Its outstanding performance and ease of use empower us to build all the features that we envision. We’re confident that together, we can accomplish our mission to revolutionize social experiences anywhere in the world."

"Our application and system are responsible for managing a complex ecosystem of all the processes related to more than 2.6M customers, 32K corporate agreements, and over 100K different health insurance options offered by 100 different insurance companies. Well, you can imagine the complexity of data relationships with that requirement and how to operate at scale. In order to provide the best service, Qualicorp chose Neo4j Aura – a fully managed cloud service running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for building our systems."

- Ricardo Antonio Batista, CIO at Qualicorp Administradora De Beneficio

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NotLost is a simple lost and found software solution for businesses like concert venues, trains, amusement parks, and hotels. NotLost makes it easy to return lost items to their owners, increasing customer happiness and streamlining lost property management. Co-founder and Director of Technology, Sam Nash, explains why they built NotLost on Neo4j AuraDB on AWS.

"We knew that we needed a really flexible database model because we were aware enough that as we continued to build, things would change,” Nash said. “We didn’t have a really clear concept of the data structure. We didn’t really know what kind of objects we would need to be recording. We knew that there were going to be complex relations between attributes that we wanted to build for our matching logic. The graph database seemed like the natural choice."

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The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is a member association for state medical boards within the United States. They use Neo4j to make the journey to licensure more user-friendly by connecting physicians to the right examinations and services at the right time.

"Neo4j has always been a strong contender, showing up at the top of the list every time we would start looking," said Jill Putnam, Enterprise Data Manager at FSMB. "Once I began to dig into how simple it would be to implement graph technology and learn Cypher, it became second nature and was very easy to pick up. Through Neo4j graph technology on AWS, FSMB was able to reduce the number of support tickets by 49 percent, making the journey to licensure less convoluted and more user-friendly."