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Neo4j ETL and Data Integration

Neo4j ETL reveals data connections within tabular data stored in an RDBMS and delivers an exceptional initial and ongoing experience moving data into the Neo4j graph database.

With Neo4j ETL you can:

  • Connect to popular databases via JDBC
  • Use a graphical interface to adjust values
  • Arrange table structures as labeled nodes and identify JOINs and JOIN tables as graph relationships
  • Map or change labels and properties prior to execution
  • Data is exported in graph-ready CSVs and fed to the Neo4j data importer

Graph connections are materialized through relational joins as data is imported and persisted permanently after import. For more information, read our ETL tool developer guide on installing and using the ETL graph database integration tool and get your data into Neo4j quickly and easily!

Supported Sources

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

PostgreSQL Oracle
MariaDB Teradata

Neo4j ETL Visual Editor

Transform Tabular Data into Graph Data
Neo4j Data Integration