Importing CSV Data Into Neo4j: A GraphAcademy Course

The Importing CSV data into Neo4j course is one of the most popular on GraphAcademy. It is a great course which teaches how to create a graph database from data in CSV files.

As part of GraphAcademy’s continual improvement, a new version has just been released. Based on learners’ feedback, the course has been restructured to be easier to follow and have a greater focus on using Cypher and LOAD CSV.

During the course, you will create a graph database of movies from a set of CSV files.

You will learn how to use Cypher to create nodes, labels, relationships and properties from data in CSV files.

You will explore the different data types in Neo4j and how to cast data of that type.

Before looking at the performance considerations of loading large datasets, including managing transactions.

All you need to complete the course is access to GraphAcademy – a Neo4j sandbox, and all the CSV data files will be provided for you.

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