Introduction to Neo4j & GraphQL – A New GraphAcademy Course

Are you interested in creating GraphQL APIs with Neo4j?

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Check out the new Introduction to Neo4j & GraphQL course on GraphAcademy, where you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of GraphQL.
  • How to set up the Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox.
  • Using the Neo4j GraphQL Library to create:
    – GraphQL type definitions
    – GraphQL queries and generated GraphQL operations
    – GraphQL mutations to manipulate nodes
    – Relationship mutations with nested mutations
    – Custom logic with the `@cypher` GraphQL schema directive
  • How to get started developing with the Neo4j GraphQL Library.

The Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox

The Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox is an IDE on top of the Neo4j GraphQL Library user interface that allows you, with very little effort, to write and execute GraphQL queries and mutations against your Neo4j database.

Neo4j GraphQL Toolbox User Interface

You will use the Toolbox to create a GraphQL Schema based on Neo4j’s example Movie database, interact with the database using Queries and Mutations, and finally learn how to create an API using the Neo4j GraphQL library.

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