New GraphAcademy Course: Cypher Aggregations

We have just published the Cypher Aggregations course in our Cypher Learning path.
GraphAcademy Cypher Aggregations Course Page

This course will take about four hours to complete and includes content, videos, checks your understanding questions about the content, and hands-on challenges so you can practice your newly-learned skills. This course uses the Recommendations sandbox for your queries.

In this course, you will learn what aggregation is in Cypher and how it behaves at runtime. You will see and run example code that uses the most widely-used aggregation functions in Cypher.

collect() is the most widely-used function for aggregation in Cypher

What you will learn:

  1. You will profile and learn how aggregation works at runtime using:
  • collect()
  • count()
  • Grouping keys
  • List functions like “Pattern comprehensions”
Using pattern comprehension to create lists

2. You will gain experience working with list functions:

  • Functions that return a single value
  • Functions that return lists
  • Element type transformations
  • List selection predicates
  • List comprehension
Testing if a single list element satisfies the predicate

3. You will gain experience using some useful aggregating functions:

  • sum()
  • avg()/stddev()
  • min()/max()
  • percentileCont()/percentileDisc()
Using percentileCont()

We hope you enjoy your learning experience with this new GraphAcademy course.

Take the Cypher Aggregations course with Neo4j GraphAcademy

It will take you on the path for Neo4j Certification, which also earns you this cool t-shirt.

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Elaine Rosenberg from GraphAcademy

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