NODES 2021 Is Coming Soon!

The Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit (NODES) is in its third year, and we can’t wait for you to join us! The online event features speakers from around the world on a wide variety of topics for the Neo4j ecosystem. Since the first NODES in 2019, our main goal for the conference is to provide valuable and highly technical content in a virtual format to the entire Neo4j community, no matter where users are located and their expertise/background.

We want to share some more details about the event and encourage you to sign up and be a part of the social and technical experience. Let’s see what that includes for the event this year!

Where and When

For 2021’s NODES, the event will take place on June 17, with the keynote (starring Neo4j CEO Emil Eifrem) at 8am EST/12pm UTC/8pm SGT. If you have been a part of NODES in previous years, the date is much earlier in the year — hopefully falling prior to most summer holidays and avoiding the end-of-year rush that prior NODES events always battled.

Since its inception, NODES has been a solely-virtual event, allowing speakers and attendees to participate no matter their location or circumstances. This provides a broad set of topics/interests and a phenomenal group of speakers. The content is centered around technical content — from code deep-dives to graph best practices to project solution walkthroughs.

Convinced and ready to sign up? You can register here.

Tracks, Sessions, and Speakers

NODES 2021 has five tracks this year with several hours of content in each track, so the multi-track approach is the same as in previous years. We have tweaked some agenda layout, though, so that Q&A portions can be more interactive!

This year, there will be a couple of sessions back-to-back followed by a panel Q&A session where speakers from the last sessions, a Neo4j representative, and a community member will answer questions from the audience (and each other!) live. This gives viewers a break to hopefully fight some Zoom fatigue that we all are feeling, as well as increasing interactivity between you, speakers, and others in the Neo4j community.

Not able to make NODES live? Not to worry! We’ll have the recordings available for you to watch soon after the event.

Current status

The official agenda and schedule is being assembled now with all of the responses, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the next several days, as we hope to publish the official agenda in the next week or so. 🙂

Neo4j is also organizing training sessions that will run the week prior to the main event (June 7–11). Planned topics will cover intro to graphs, Neo4j Aura, visualization with Bloom, GraphQL, and knowledge graphs with hands-on components to help you learn.

Is there more? YES!

Surrounding the main event and training, Neo4j will also run some additional sessions with more content and interactive opportunities.

  • Pre-NODES will start the same day of the event but in the hours leading up to the keynote to spill some of our enthusiasm, share any last-minute details, and answer any prior questions.
  • NODES4APAC will contain additional content and live interaction presented in Mandarin and English by speakers from all around the world.
  • NODES Extended will share additional sessions and content that we simply couldn’t fit into the main event schedule, but felt the community would find valuable. These sessions will include two to three talks spread out into meetup-like events in the weeks following our main event.

Finally, we also have plans to run different activities and interactive opportunities for attendees during the live NODES 2021 event, so you don’t want to miss out!

Wrapping up: How to register and what to expect

You can register for NODES 2021 through the event page. The page also shares a list of some of the speakers.

Once registered, you will receive emails updating you on major milestones leading up to the event on June 17. The links to join, other related events (like NODES Extended), recordings after it ends, and much more will be emailed to you based on the registration. Reminders also ensure you don’t forget the important details!

This is probably my favorite event of the entire year, and I cannot wait to learn from our community, chat and ask questions with you, and be inspired.


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