Importing Your Data Into Neo4j Just Got Even Easier

Earlier this year, we introduced a new tool, Data Importer, to help users easily import their flat file data into Neo4j’s graph database without writing a single line of code. It works by simply providing your flat file data (CSV or TSV) to the Data Importer web interface, modeling the nodes and relationships visually, and mapping the files to your model. Read more →

User Segmentation Based on Node Roles in the Peer-to-Peer Payment Network

Knowing your users is vital to any business. When your users can interact with each other on a social media platform, content sharing platform, or even work-related platforms, you can construct a network between your users based on their interactions and extract graph-based features to segment your users. Of course, these same approaches can be applied to other platforms that are not user-centric. Read more →

Building an Educational Platform on Neo4j

It was always my intention to build the new site in the open on the Neo4j Twitch Channel, but in the end, time got the better of me and I ended up quietly developing the backend in stealth mode. So, in lieu of a Twitch stream, I wanted to take the time to write a follow-up post with some of the more technical aspects of the GraphAcademy rebuild. Read more →

Using Neo4j Graph Data Science in Python to Improve Machine Learning Models

A wave of graph-based approaches to data science and machine learning is rising. We live in an era where the exponential growth of graph technology is predicted [1]. The ability to analyze data points through the context of their relationships… Read more →

Analyzing Roland Garros and US Open Tennis Tournaments Via Neo4j

For graph generation, we will use the singles dataset curated by Jeff Sackmann in the tennis_wta and tennis_atp repositories. Jeff’s repositories include CSV files containing all the matches on the Women’s WTA tournaments between 1920 and 2022 and the Men’s ATP tournaments from 1968 to 2022. Strictly speaking, he always keeps the repositories up-to-date. Great thanks to Jeff Sackmann for curating the datasets. Read more →

Win Big with Neo4j Code Golf – A Cypher Coding Contest

Submit Cypher queries that are shorter in length and lower on database hits while still returning the correct query results to win $27k worth of prizes. Do you love coding effectively and optimizing codes for performance? Look no further and… Read more →

Introducing Neo4j Ops Manager: The Tool You Need to Boost Your Ops Team’s Productivity

With the growth of the graph category, the transition to cloud and the rise of graph data science, we are seeing more and more people and projects using the Neo4j database, developer tools, and GDS products. Historically, we have focused… Read more →

Discover AuraDB Free: Week 26 – Goodreads Books and Recommendations

This week, we’re exploring book recommendation data as a graph. And what better source for that than Goodreads?If you’d rather watch the recording of our livestream, enjoy it here and below. Otherwise, keep on reading.The DatasetI found a well-sized dataset… Read more →

Graphs4Good :  Where Graph Technology is Tackling Complex, Real-World Problems

In our world today, we seem to encounter crises and global struggles on a daily basis. But what if we could help others and improve life around us using the data and technology at our fingertips? Graph databases like Neo4j help us do exactly that. Read more →

Exploring the European Natural Gas Network as a Knowledge Graph

In this blog post, we’ll use Neo4j to turn the European Gas Network into a knowledge graph to analyze the data.Photo by Rostislav Artov, UnsplashThe crisis between Ukraine and Russia caused relations between Russia and the E.U. to fall to the lowest… Read more →