Node embeddings in a knowledge graph.

The Future of Knowledge Graph: Will Structured and Semantic Search Become One?

What LLM & Graph May Bring to the Future of Knowledge GraphsNight light at Federation Square in Melbourne, photo by AuthorAbstractIn the last several decades, when people consider building a knowledge-related solution, they tend to look into two distinct directions based… Read more →

Build a Routing Web App With Neo4j, OpenStreetMap, and Leaflet.js

Hands-On Workshop Exploring Working With Road Network Data and Routing With Graph AlgorithmsRunning path-finding algorithms on large datasets is a use case that graph databases are particularly well suited for. While often pathfinding algorithms are used for finding routes using… Read more →

User Segmentation Based on Node Roles in the Peer-to-Peer Payment Network

Knowing your users is vital to any business. When your users can interact with each other on a social media platform, content sharing platform, or even work-related platforms, you can construct a network between your users based on their interactions and extract graph-based features to segment your users. Of course, these same approaches can be applied to other platforms that are not user-centric. Read more →

Using Neo4j Graph Data Science in Python to Improve Machine Learning Models

A wave of graph-based approaches to data science and machine learning is rising. We live in an era where the exponential growth of graph technology is predicted [1]. The ability to analyze data points through the context of their relationships… Read more →

Exploring the European Natural Gas Network as a Knowledge Graph

In this blog post, we’ll use Neo4j to turn the European Gas Network into a knowledge graph to analyze the data.Photo by Rostislav Artov, UnsplashThe crisis between Ukraine and Russia caused relations between Russia and the E.U. to fall to the lowest… Read more →

Exploring Fraud Detection With Neo4j & Graph Data Science  –  Summary

Fraud Detection is one of today's most challenging data science problems. Thankfully, Neo4j Graph Data Science (GDS) offers practical solutions that empower data scientists to make rapid progress in fraud detection analytics and machine learning. Read more →