Neo4j Aura Database-as-a-Service

Neo4j Aura is a fully-managed cloud database developed by the same people that built Neo4j.

It is available as a FREE database, a paid professional tier,and an Enterprise service.

This guides and tutorials below will help you get started:

Get Started with Neo4j Aura

Is it your first time using Neo4j Aura? You’ve come to the right place! The tutorial below will guide you through signing up, creating a database, and importing your data.

Connect to your Aura database

If you log in to your Aura database using the Aura console, for any running database, you can simply open Neo4j Browser for that database using the Open button on the console.

Provided the database is running, you can also connect to it from a Web browser by entering this URL:

Where you specify the dbid for your database. Neo4j Browser will connect to the database after you provide the username/password for the database. The default user name is neo4j and the password is what was generated or specified when the database was created.

These tutorials explain how to connect to your Aura database from other Neo4j tools.

Importing data

Aura considers the protection of users' data to be of paramount importance. There are therefore some constraints to keep in mind when using your favourite import tools to load data into an Aura database. The guide below covers these in detail.

Deploying applications to Aura

These tutorials explain how to build full stack applications with Aura.

Visualizing your data in Aura

You can use Neo4j’s Bloom visualization tool to explore graph data stored in Neo4j Aura. Connect to an Aura database with Neo4j Bloom and run near-natural language searches to query your data and return the results in a visual way.

Manage your Aura database

You’ve created your Aura database, imported your data, and are now running your application against it. Now you want to know what’s happening inside the database. The tutorial below explains the available options for monitoring your database.


Additional guides and help are available on the Aura support page.

You can also ask questions and connect with other people launching Neo4j Aura at the cloud topic on the Community Site.